I Got Pg The Day After My P Shouldn T My Levels Be Higher

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Becky - September 4

I started my period on the 1st of August. We had s_x on the 6th of August, and he pulled out. However, that is the ONLY time we didn't use a condom. So obviously thats when I conceived. Typically you get pregnant 14 days after your period, and when you miss your period, you are 'really' only 2 weeks pregnant, but how it works in pregnancy, they count you at 4 weeks pregnant. Do you follow? So when I missed my period wouldn't that put me really at 3-4 weeks 'truly pregnant?' Since I concieved directly after my period, instead of a week to two later? I'm asking because I feel my levels were low when I was tested, at 343. And especially since I concieved earlier than the 'typical' woman. What do you think. Do you think that was low? Waiting anxiously for the results of my second test.


Alexandra - September 4

Hi, your pregnancy ''started" on August 1st, as that was the first day of your new cycle. Which would put in you in week 4 or so by now. Can't help you with your levels.. sorry!


Olivene - September 4

Becky, I get what you're saying about being truly a week more pregnant than usual. The sperm can live up to 5 days, they say, so that might put you a little later. i wouldn't worry about the levels- it might be becaus the embryo took a while to implant. I am actually hoping to pregnant from day 7 s_x (ewcm on the 10th) so I am happy to read your post. I think your second test will rea__sure you. Let us know!


kc - September 4

Don't put too much worry into the hcg levels. I did a lot of research on this as I had very low levels and my pregnancy was threatened. They were only 3500 and should have been around 50,000. I read later that an ultrasound is a better indicator to how the baby is doing. My ultrasound showed a healthy 7 week old baby moving with a strong beating heart. And since sperm can live to up to 5 days it is possible you got pg on day 11. So don't worry. The levels should rise every two days so your next test will show that increase. Good luck. and try not to worry.


Becky - September 4

Well, hopefully that is the case, that the sperm lived up to five days, and it will be a girl! Since the girl sperm live longer than boys!



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