I M Back In The Ttc Game

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Whisper - February 19

Well, I was pregnant but I m/c Feb 11. Pregnancy was dated 4-5 weeks and should of been 7-8, hormone levels were only at 1100. I just got back from my follow up appt and my hormone levels are zeroed out and have been given the all clear to try again. I'm hoping the extra fertility after m/c thing is true, because it took so long to get preggo. I'm very anxious to try again, just waiting on ovulation which should occur any day now my doctor said. So here's hoping I can get myself knocked up again! Wish me luck, ladies - I'm probably going to need all I can get of it!


stefkay - February 19

Hi Whisper! Good to see you here! Do you use FF? I'm on cd28 now and just waiting for AF...there is a small chance I could have gotten pg, but pretty small. My m/c was Jan. 23rd. I really just want this AF to come so I can jump back in on a regular (hopefully) cycle :-)


Whisper - February 19

No, I dont use FF. I've never bothered with temping because my schedule is always so varied from day to day, and I can never remember anything first thing in the morning to check my temp, hehe. And I dont like to play with my cervix, its always hard to reach for me, and CM is only apparent if I check my cervix cause I dont get very much of it during O. I just rely on my intuition for it. My cycles tend to be a bit irregular at times as well. I just tend to know when I'm O'ing cause of symptoms, like PMS stuff setting in, and I always have these little twinges around my ovaries at the time. I know it isn't fool proof, but its hard to track ovulation when it doesnt occur regularly, its just a matter of hoping I catch it when it comes. When I am regular my cycle goes anywhere from 30-35 days, and I often times skip a month, and sometimes more. There have been times I have gone 6 months without a period with no explanation for why. Even went to several docs about it, and no one can tell me why Im so irregular. I had thought I might have PCOS cause I had some symptoms of it, but have been checked for it on 3 occasions and been told I don't have it each time, so I don't know whats up with my body, hehe, it just likes to complicate things I guess! =) I hope your cycle gets on track soon! I wish mine would ever, lol, but I don't see much chance of that for me. =)


sarahd - February 19

Whisper I'm sorry to hear about your loss - sending lots of baby dust and luck your way for this cycle.


jenn_ns - February 19

Whisper -- I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. xx


VenusdiMilo - February 21

Aaaah!! Sorry about your loss Whisper. I hope it won't take too long for you to get that BFP again. Good Luck!!



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