Im Going Insane

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maggie - February 20

Ok this is the deal, I have been having unprotected s_x and no bc My last period was at the end of jan, and then i had a 3 day spotting of very very light pink/brown blood around Feb 13,14,15. i know its still early but i have been nausiated, head aches, been breaking out, i have these weird pimple like things on my nipples, and dear lord i have been so moody!! i shouldnt start my period till the 24th. im going insane... I have almost convinced my self with all this going on that im pregnant. What do you think??? Thanks guys.


maggie - February 20

Something else to add to it is that i have been so emotional lately, i can start crying and not even know why and then cry harder cause I DONT KNOW WHY IM CRYING!! lol im dont know, and my stool has been diff.. thanks for any inputs


S- - February 20

I am in the same predicament as you! However, I had a D&E at the end of Jan. However my hubbie and I are ttc again. I also have been very emotinal, tender b___sts,backache, headaches, pimples galore,nautious- I think. However, I am confused one minute I swear I'm pregnant, the next I think maybe I'm getting my af. My period can come anywhere from the 25th-mid March. UGH! Sounds to me as if you are pg. Did you take an early test? Some of them can predict up to 4 days before your period. My hpt was negative :(


me - February 20

no i havent taken an early test yet, im so confused i just dont know what to think or do!!


bump - February 20



Grandpa Viv - February 20

Maggie, your signs are entirely normal for early pregnancy. The pink/brown spotting would have been implantation from s_x a week before. Google ... Montgomery tubercles ... to find out about the pimple things, and check yourself for sleeping longer than usual, peeing more than usual, and intestinal upsets like gas and heartburn. Good luck!


response - February 20

i have had all those signs besides peeing alot... i sure do hope i am!


S- - February 21

good luck maggie! Keep us posted...


GOOD LUCK - February 21

Good luck to u!!!


maggie - February 21

thankyou guys so much... I made a gyno appt this thrus, keep you posted!!



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