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Tina - June 2

OK here goes... i went off the pill May 7, after years and years of being on it. After a few weeks of being off the pill, i started noticing a dull nagging back ache (everyday), fatigue, mental fuzziness, feel like i am drunk (really off balance), heartburn that eventually went away, ovaries hurt off and on, frequent bathrooms trips, feeling dizzy, smell of food sometimes makes my stomache turn, and a BFN....home test. CM has been fairly thick and NOT going away.My br___ts were sore, but gone they feel heavy. Is it possible?


Annie - June 3

How soon did you take the test? It can't be reliable if you took it too soon. Take it 2 weeks after s_x to be sure.


Tina - June 3

Thanks...Annie... i done one b/c i was feeling so lousy. But I will take one again, maybe one day next week. Thanks again.


Kimmie - June 3

Did u have your af in May? If not then I wld go to the gyno, the test there is more sensitive and much more reliable.


Tina - June 4



Annie - June 4

What has your CM looked like? I am wondering because I just got off the pill too around the same time you did. My dh and I have been ttc all month but now I have had a solid week of creamy white lotion like discharge and no sign of AF (which was due today).


Tina - June 4 was like i was ovulating. But my af is due around June 7. But since i have recently came off the pill, it is hard to tell. My cycle is going to have to get back to normal, since being on the pill supresses your normal hormone balance. I have bought Fertilaid to help...I will start taking it tomorrow.


cindy - June 5

A friend of mine went off the pill, and thought that she would have a hard time conceiving, but NOPE!! She got pregnant right away!! She was shocked, but it is possible!! She had been on the pill for years!! :) Hope this helps!!


Tina - June 5

Thanks Cindy...those are rea__suring words. If i had not had af (June 7)i will try to wait to do end of the week (if my nerves will let me go that far w/out testing). I am hoping for a positive outcome!!!!!!!


Annie - June 5

Yeah, I too have heard that it is possible to get pregnant right after going off the pill....Baby Dust!!!!


Tina - June 5

I feel like i am drunk...soooo off balance. I can take a few steps and get very dizzy too. W/ my other 2 preg. i never had that, so this is a weird feeling.Thinking about that my children are ages 11, and it has been awhile for me. Hopefully, i will test a POSITIVE!!!!!



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