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LadyD - January 7

My hunny & I aren't "trying" anymore but we are fully prepared for when I do get pregnant so we just basically do whatever in the bed...when it happens, it happens. Anyway, in the mornings sometimes we don't have enough time to have s_x, or just wanna cuddle or whatever & we do other things (be creative ladies...hehehe). Anyway, we bd'd on cd13 (1/1) & cd18 (yesterday) but this morning he decided to be "creative" & came on my butt & it dripped down to my va___a..but I don't know & dumb me didn't ask, if it drip INTO my va___a. My question is, is it possible to get pregnant from c_m being on the OUTSIDE of the va___a? I'd say it was there for about 4-5 minutes before I hopped in the shower. I'm trying to catch ovulation which is "scheduled" for tomorrow.


kelsajo - January 7

spermies can swim into the v____a, even if it's on the outer layer of your v____a, but if your due for o tomorrow i would not depend on this, i would bd tonight and tomorrow so that you can be for sure and hope that dh has some fast swimmers.


LadyD - January 7

Thx for replying, kelsajo!! I'm not really relying on it but I just wanted to know if anyone knew if it was possible or if they have experienced it themselves. If anything, I'd say the actual bd'ing from cd18 would get me pg before I'd believe the "incident" from this morning. I've heard so many different opinions on this but I personally believe it's possible, just highly unlikey- the chances are much slimmer. I stressed the hell out of myself last yr. ttc & my cycle was ALL over the place, now they are steady & show up on time EVERYTIME so I don't want to start thinking about it & all its gonna do is throw my body off again. My last af was 12/20, OH WOW- JUST REALIZED...due to OV 1/7..TODAY, not tomorrow(FINGERS-CROSSED THAT I MADE IT), & next af is due 1/21 & I'm scheduled for surgery (nothing to do with reproduction) on 1/22 & I'm not stressing. Goodness, I hope I made it.....


b__terfly kisses - January 7

LadyD... if you are having surgery in a few weeks, it would be best to not ttc until after you are recuperated. Kelsa is correct that this is a possibility for conception yet the odds are not very high. The part I don't understand, is if you want a baby and hope you made it, why not have v____al intercourse? I hear you on being stressed but the v____a is where the sperm need to go... anyway, maybe you'll be less stressed and feeling better next month to ttc. good luck


LadyD - January 10

Hi b___terfly kisses. Thx for replying!! We definitely have v____al s_x, all the time, but what I was saying is that we do other things (playing w/ each other, etc) too & sometimes we don't have intercourse, we find other things to do (smile). I just asked because I was curious if this was possible. I stopped "ttc" b/c it stressed me out--I was skipping periods, weight was fluctuating, looking at EVERY-DAMN-THING like a sign of pregnancy or ovulation. I have a basal thermometer but misplaced it when I moved :( Anyway, since I've stopped paying such close attention I know EXACTLY when my period is coming & have a pretty good idea when I Ov. I'm just having fun with s_x right now & although I'd love to get pg right now, I try not to think about it so much. I already have a 7 yr old child so I'm hoping I'm still able to conceive. Why do you think it's not good to ttc during/after the surgery? Because of the meds I may be on? That's the only reason I can think of????


b__terfly kisses - January 11

Why shouldn't you try ttc before surgery? Here's some info on surgery and preg:


b__terfly kisses - January 11

usually there are dashes added that need to be taken out of links, but this link is correct and the dash that is in there is part of the web address


LadyD - January 14

Hi b___terfly kisses. In your first reply you said I shouldn't ttc & then in the next post, you said I should??? Sorry, sweetie- You got me confused. I'll check out the website & see what it says..thx! I'm sure the dr. is going to make me take a pg test prior to surgery anyway. It's so funny b/c something similar happened to me the 1st time I got pg. I was going to have xrays & the xray tech asked my last af- I didn't even know so they made me take a test & sent me back to the dr. before the xrays were taken...sure enough I was pg!! Hopefully it'll be another surprise before surgery!!



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