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LadyD - June 26

Hi, everybody. Hope all is well. I am currently on CD34, af was due between Sat. & today, but no signs of anything, except sore bbs, that even feels like it's stopping though. On Fri. night, my voice started to fade & eventually my throat started getting sore. Saturday morning, forget it...I had no voice! Dh was p___sed b/c I kept trying to talk & he couldn't understand me & told me stop I finally got my voice back this morning. Never heard of a sore throat being a symptom of af or pg-- is it? I'm just curious because I think I may just be comig down with a cold because I sleep with the a.c. every night, but I also use blanket. I don't get sick often, but I know the a.c. can cause a cold to come on. Another thing-- last night I felt like a "bubbling" right above the va___a, where my c-section cut is, so I though af was coming this morning but nothing at all- what could that be a symptom of? Any opinions welcome.


Lin - June 26

Feeling like you're coming down with a cold can be a symptom of pregnancy. Have you taken a test yet?


sarahd - June 26

oh I hope feeling like you're getting a cold is a symptom! I've been struggling with the same types of problems - my voice is all scratchy, and my nose runs like a tap during the day and is stuffy at night. Funny thing is, other than the obvious symptoms, I don't FEEL sick. Usually when I have a cold my head feels like it's got wool stuffed in it and I feel horrible. I don't have that this time. I have more typical symptoms, NAUSEA (yuck) and really sore/sensitive b___sts, and now I"m starting to feel like I have to pee all the time (hopefully it's not just a uti coming!) Good luck LadyD!!!


LadyD - June 26

No, I haven't tested yet, trying to wait until at least Wednesday. I didn't know that Lin. Thanks. At least I still have hope. Sarahd, did you test yet? I am trying not to think about it too much right now, don't feel like wasting $$ & AND being When I'm usually sick, I get the whole package. Actually, I never really lose my voice. That's a first in a really really long time. I have a lil cough, but nothing to want to take medicine for & I'm at work & keep sneezing & I sit in an area d__n near by myself. What gives? I can't believe I am sick in the summer, never happened to me before.


Jen - June 26

Interesting...before I got my bfp in January I too had frequent urination (which I was convinced was a UTI) and I had that bubbling feeling which felt like af was starting (so the sensation was coming from inside). Good luck!


LadyD - June 26

I know the symptoms of a uti, I've had one before. Now that I just thought about it, I was peeing a whole lot since Friday. I actually thought af just arrived, too but nothing. I hate not being able to "just know" whether you're pg or not. Maybe I will test later, if it's bfn, I'll know I am not pg. Actually, I can't say that because I didn't get a + with my daughter until 10 wks so who knows.


Emma2 - June 26

Yes I had a cold the week i found out. its weird because I keep hearing alot of other women have this too.



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