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LadyD - February 2

Hey ladies. Hoep all is well. I haven' t been around much b/c the stress of ttc was screwing up my cycles & my frustration was getting to me. Anyway, I am back. I bought a basal thermometer today & don't really know what I am supposed to be looking for. Today would be cd2 for me b/c af arrived around 8 pm last night so please help me out ladies. Thanx a bunch!


VenusdiMilo - February 2

Is it digital? And if you don't mind me asking where did you get it from, that way I can a__sist you better? I got mine from early-pregnancy-test.com and it's pink/white (digital)


LadyD - February 2

It is digital & I bought it at CVS.


LadyD - February 6

Ok..I need to know if I am using this right. These are the readings I have had. 97.70, 97.70, 96.9. Do these sound right being that my af just ended? Are they supposed to be high, low?? Another thing, being that I just started temping, I kinda forget to IMMEDIATELY take my temp BUT I haven't gotten out of the bed w/o taking it so I am sure its right. Could turning over mess up my temps (you know when you roll over & try to get an xtra few minutes of sleep...lol).


VenusdiMilo - February 7

Hey LadyD, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Ok, those numbers sounds about right after AF….they’re relatively low around that time up until ovulation. Anyhow, as for not taking your temperature *immediately* that might not be so good. If you can, try to take your temp at the same time *every day* with only a 30 mins extension…that way your chart will have a clear reading. Any little movement can modify it your temp so you want to keep your thermometer close to you where you don’t have to do much to get to it. ( I keep mine under my pillow along with my cell phone as my alarm so as soon as it goes off I grab the thermometer and stick it in my mouth LOL!). If you do have to move try to do is slowly without exerting your body too much. Are you going to use fertilityfreind.com to chart? They have a lot of info on charting…you should check them out. You can check my chart out at fertilityfriend.com/home/venus………..Good Luck!!



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