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* Marie * - May 26

My fiance and I are TTC and it seems like everytime after we finish I ALWAYS lose 50% of what he left behind! Is this dy just not hold it in? I'm wondering if this could be why I'm not getting pregnant....P.S. I just ovulated so keep your fingers crossed.Need a waiting buddy? AF is due on June 7th!


Tasha - May 26

I heard that you're supposed to lay on your back with your hips elevated for 30 minutes, have you tried this? AF is due for me on June 5th or 6th! But I'm only 19 (20 in 2 days!) so I'm a little tiny bit scared...I took Plan B but it was about 35 hours after and i forgot to take the 2nd pill until 2 hours after I was supposed to take it (oops!) so now I play the waiting game! LOL I hope that everything works out for you!! :o)


Tasha - May 26

oh I forgot to add that for the last 3 days I have felt sooo nauseated! I was with my bf tonight and I smelled something which I always smell and I wanted to throw up!!


hi - May 26

yes, lay on you back for about 30 minutes, with a pillow under your tush. also use positions where you are "under" like missionary and "doggie" style! someone posted this pbs site where there are some increadible short pbs films about conseption. check it out!! .....if there are any " - " signs in the weblink, take them out! good luck


Jenn - May 26

marie i am wondering the same thing. i just ovulated also and im dues for my period on june 6 and when me and my b/f had s_x when i stood up it seemed like it all came out. but before that i was laying down for about 2 hours if ya find out leme know lol


amber - May 26

I think every woman does that... haha.. i think its all normal... sprem swim pretty fast so im pretty sure something gets in there.. not sure though thats just what i know


rhea - May 26

Well, don't worry too much about what falls out, I have read that within seconds of ejaculation the sperm go where they need to, with the help of the female muscles pulling them where they need to go. Each drop of fluid contains at least a million sperm, and you just need one . . . It can't hurt to lie still for a few moments after, but you don't have to lie there for too long (that is an old wives tale). Look at the pbs site posted above. Good luck!!!


* Marie * - June 2

thanks girls! yeah i lay there for about 20 minutes but I can't hol it in. i thought i was some weirdo with the worlds stupidest cervix. ;o) well, 5 days til i can test. my b___bs are supersore so im think af but ive been really nauseated the past 5 days.....



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