Miscarriage A Month Ago But Think I Am Pregnant Again

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G B - March 8

I had a miscarriage in January, but even when I had my period las month, I have the feeling that I might be pregnant, can it be so soon?


Naomi - March 8

I have heard of a few women who have had a miscarraige. And fallen pregnant 1-2 months after. Good luck


Misty - March 8

Some women actually get pregnant within 2 weeks of having a m/c. So yes it is possible. I don't know if you had your period though. Was it a regular period? Not really sure what to tell you but it is possible.


chriss - March 9

GB. I'm sorry, I can't answer your question, but I do have one for you. When you had your m/c in January, were you very far along?? and did the Doctor's tell you that you should wait to try again and if so how long. I only ask because I am still in the process of having a m/c and even though I went to my Dr. he didn't tell me anything and now I have all of these questions.............


bunny - March 9

chriss, Sorry to hear about U. I had a m/c in Nov too. A natural one when I was 11 weeks along. My Doc suggested me to wait for 2 or 3 months before trying again. This buys some time for one's internal parts to come back to normal. Also gives us time to cope with the loss. I know it seems so unfair, hopefully the next time we will have lots of luck.


chriss - March 9

Thank you bunny. I wasn't really certain whether I was supposed to wait or we could try again right away. I think we will probably put off ttc for a few months.


bunny - March 9

Yeah..I think so too. After m/c I straightaway wanted to ttc as if to fill the loss I had. But then for couple of months I had so many -ve thoughts (must be after-effects of m/c) I thought - right, NO ttc. I didn't want one of the most wonderful moment of my life to happen when I am all sulky and -ve. That's my experience. The best time to ttc is, whenever you feel ready - really ready emotionally and physically too.



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