Need Some Advice ASAP Amp

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Hanna - January 5

okay, im having all the signs 1.)cramps in right ovary 2.)discharge all month long no smell or ichy) 3.) been bloated all month long. 4.) hot flashes 5.)lil bit of tingaling on my nipples. 6.) back aches.7.) heart burn(sometimes) oh and also a month ago i had like no appit. and now im hunry like all the time..Im guessing im about 2 months preg. but i had my period last month in dec. it came like week early and it lasted longer then it normally does. Ever since my last period ive been discharging like crazy its been doing it ever since my last period and hasnt stoped. i went to the docs. and they said it was nep. and then theu were worried cuz i had blood and white blood cells in my urine. They thinks its a UTI but i no its not cuz ive had them before and they hurt really really bad. So i no its not UTI. Im not sure what the h__l is going on can someone please help me???


Vicki - January 5

I have had many many UTI's and believe it or not, some of the ones that I have had, it did not hurt to pee at all. I got really really sick once, had no expanation, went to the hospital, they told me I had a UTI, I couldn't believe it! They usually burn to pee, but blood is always a really good sign that you have an infection. The best thing to do is go on antibiotics to clear it up, and then take it from there. You could still be pregnant, and have a UTI at the same time. I did. Also, I would request an ultrasound to check for a pregnancy just to be sure. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Random thoughts. There are references on the web to pregnancy hormones changing the chemistry of the v____a and urethra enough to permit flare-up of previously unnoticed infections. We have enough posts from women going to 8 weeks and beyond before they get a positive test that it would prob be a good idea to keep testing at one week intervals at least until you miss a second "normal" period. Meanwhile, is it normal to have a cramp in the right ovary at this stage? One of the signs of ectopic pregnancy is that hCG does not rise normally. Don't want to be alarmist, but its something to consider.



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