New Years Eve Testers

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jezebel1018 - December 26

That will be 12 dpo for me & thats as long as i can hold out! Anyone else?


Tonigirl - December 26

That will be 14 or 15 days for me...and I'm going to be testing as well. I'm expecting AF on the 30th or 31st so if she doesn't show up then I'll be testing with you. It's taking everything out of me not to test right now. I'm 10dpo today and I was silly and tested yesterday..because of Christmas, I was hoping to give my dh another Christmas present, but it was no big shocker that it came out negative. It's hard not to just keep testing! But I'm going to try and wait to see if I get my AF and if not I'll be right there with ya! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!


cdpace88 - December 26

Dec 31st is 12dpo for me too! I will probably test before then because my parents are visiting from the 27th-30th and I'd love to be able to tell them in person, so I may test on the 30th and then if its negative wait until the 2nd! I can't stand the wait!


bbdreams - December 26

Hey tonigirl - I lost the other post lol! Hi jez and cd! Yep I'm with you toni - I tested this afternoon lol I knew it would be neg, way too early(not to mention in the afternoon lol). I know I'll be testing again soon though - I can't help it lol! So is anyone having any symptoms? I have mildly sore b___sts, and for the past 3 days I have had mild-moderate af type cramps! Not due for af till 30/31 and I never get cramps until the first day of heavy I'm not sure what to think of that. Been tired too but with Christmas I can't count that cause it's probably all the running around lol.


annmarie - December 26

Hey girls. I'm planning to test on New Year's eve too. AF is due on the 2nd but there's no way I can wait till then! My b___sts already ache and I have a soreness in my pelvis. It's not really cramps but just an occasional achiness. I'm super tired but am also blaming the holidays. I love them but they're soooooo exhausting! So here's hoping for a bunch of new year's BFP's!


cdpace88 - December 26

My symptoms: Tender enlarged b___sts. They always get a cup size bigger but this cycle they feel more tender. I have had a dragging sensation in my lower abs since ovulation...not af cramps but just something different. I have also had heartburn, but I had that last cycle as well I think. And exhausted, but yeah, the holidays are tiring. So, I guess only time will tell if we all get our bfps. Don't you guys just wish you would start throwing up non stop? I know that's really sick to say, but then I feel like it would a for sure sign, I'd actually be happy about throwing up! :) haha


cdpace88 - December 26

ooo yeah, and crazy could i forget that one! (sorry for the tmi)


jezebel1018 - December 27

i am so crazy i just special ordered 50 test strips to be over nighted so i can test like a not well


mazlouise - December 27

I'm testing new years eve too - that will be DPO 14 for me - have already tested today - which was disappointing, but hopefully just too early?! I always get a really distinctive pain when I ovulate, which, again I got this month at ovulation. However, I am getting it at the mo, and wondered if that's a sign of pregnancy?? Unfortunately, I haven't noticed anything else, and think I'm just trying to feel pregnant, by being supersensitive to everything!


bbdreams - December 27

LOL toni! I know, I have the internet cheapies(I think I got 25 when I ordered them a while back). I tested this morning and BFN - but I am only 10 or 11dpo and I'm not entirely sure how acurate the internet cheapies are. They say they can detect the hcg at 20mui but then they also say to test after a missed period(ok the instructions came typed up by the seller lol so who knows if they are as sensitive as she says). Guess I'll just have to be patient! I'll keep testing every day until I either get a BFP or the evil and dreaded af.


bbdreams - December 27

Oops I meant jez not toni - I'm losing my mind lol!


cdpace88 - December 27

bbdreams...losing your mind is a sign of pregnancy ;) haha! no really, i have heard that brain funk can be a sign! So, jez, exactly how much does 50 internet cheapies cost, cause I may go ahead and do the same...I would test everyday if I had them!!!


Tonigirl - December 27

bbdreams...I was totally reading the last thing I wrote and then your response to me and then the other respones (that was meant for jez) and thinking, "What? What did I say that was so funny that she commented again?" It took me a while to go on to read your other post to know that the comment wasn't meant for me!LOL! I'm going crazy too!!!LOL! Well, I did test this morning as well and negative. However, the test that I took yesterday I left sitting on the bathroom counter and it showed a positive sign today!?!? I did an Web search and found that a positive sign after the 10 minutes allowed could still mean positive, but that the dye could have also broken and it may not mean positive. The positive sign was so light that I don't think I'll read much into it, especially since the test today did not come up positive. I'm just going to stay on the testing train with everyone else! But I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very bloated and constipated, and that usually doesn't happen until a day or two into my period. So, we'll see what happens. Good luck!


Jelly - December 27

Hello Ladies, I am testing on new years Eve!!!! hopefully it will signal a great start nto the new year, and I can tell my hubby at midnight!!! I will be 15 dpo then, af is due on the 30th!!!! I was silly too and tested on christmas.... of course bfn!!! We bd'd 3 days before o so i didn't think much of our attempt, but now I think it stuck.... hope i am not setting myself up for disappointment, also 3 days before O is girl territory!!! I already have 2 boys, so woohoo! But will take a 3 boy any day too!! ;-) I don't have any crazy evident symptoms, but I did feel cramping about 6dpo, and have a bad lower backache since then, and I never have back problems..... Also, odd I know, but i am salivating like a dog!!! This happened when i was preg with my son, my first smptom , I had too much spit!!! ;-) good luck all!!!!


cdpace88 - December 27

Hey girls!! I am so excited! I just had brownish in my cm!! I am 8dpo and have never had this before!! :) Fingers crossed!!!!


cdpace88 - December 27

sooo how long after implantation are we supposed to wait to test?


Tonigirl - December 27

cd..I found this website... ...and it posts a table of when the hcg begins to double after fertilization. What it says is that by week 3 (or 7 days after conception) the hcg levels can be anywhere from 0-5 and most pregnancy tests can only begin sensing hcg levels at around 20-50mIU/ml. Then by the end of week 4 (when your period is due) the levels can be anywhere from if you are on the low end a pregnancy test will still show negative. It's not until week 5 (a week past the period) if there's still not period then the levels can easily be detected by a pregnancy test because they've reached 180-7,400. Hopefully, that info helped you out. Check out the website, it's very amazing to see how the hcg doubles over time. Good luck to you!!!



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