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Me - February 21

ok, today is the last day for me...My husband has been out of town the first few days and today is my last day, Is there a good chance for today, or should i not get my hopes up ? and just pray it takes but if not just try to make sure he is home the right days next month?


me - February 21

ok, really? can anyone help me out? We have only been TTC since last month and I am really new at this?


Lee - February 21

It only takes one time! You never know, today could be THAT day! Good luck!


Sarah - February 21

thanks, I gues you could say that I am a nervous wreck because I, Like all of you, want it to happen THIS time, but i guess you are right...if it is meant to be, then this time will be the time, if not i will continue and I guess now i should just relax =-) Thanks and baby dust!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 21

The chance is about 20% for a single act tonight, if I remember right. If you follow the Grandpa Viv link at http://www.ppowb.org you will come to a graph that shows the chances each day.


sarah - February 22

Grandpa Viv you are the best THANKS!!!!!!! For all ya'll out there trying GOOD LUCK and baby dust!!!!


Serenna - February 22

Indigestion is the term used to describe pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen or chest that can develop after a meal.


Sorry - February 22

I didn't mean to add this def. here.... ;o(


Sarah - February 22

Ok, another question. For anyone that is.....I don't know how this is possible, i have never had it happen before, but i started spotting today? I am not to start for another 14 days, since last night was my last ovulation date. have i stressed myself to the point that i made my self start early?


chriss - February 23

Sarah, if you are only supposed to start your . in 14 days then the spotting could be a result of having s_x. If you find you are having other symptoms you should see your Doctor. Good luck!


Sarah - February 23

Thank you. i was starting to think that I started 2 weeks early and I was freaking out. I just need to relax..i have said it before and i know i might not listen to myself, but hey =-) at least i have the rest of you to help keep me sain!!!



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