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bradylove - February 7

Ok, so I posted yesterday that last af was Jan 12...etc. Since I got BFN yesterday I decided to get OPK for next month. Because I'm a testaholic I couldn't help myself and did one yesterday around 5pm negative with a faint line. This morning another BFN on HPT...so around 11:30 this morning I go do another O test (boy am I obssessed!) and I get a +++++OPK!! Both lines are equally as dark and thick etc... WTF??? Ok, so has anyone ever had this happen and if so did you end up with a BFP? Does it mean that I will get a BFP? I thought OPK's were less sensitive and would likely not detect pregnancy earlier than HPT if at all! Or does it mean that my cycle is really screwy and that I haven't O'd yet???


jessicaspatherapist - February 7

they're not less sensitive, they detect the alpha part of the hcg which is in the LH...hpt's detect the beta part.....i got a positive opk at 9dpo and it followed by a bfp that afternoon!!!!!


bradylove - February 7

I just saw a bunch of positive OPK pictures on twoweekwait.com...a few of them did hpt's at the same time and show a comparison of their progression. Looks like the OPK's detected earlier than HPT"s according to those pictures... Anyone else have positive OPK's then get BFP's??


LIN - February 7

Are you temping? It's possible that you haven't ovulated yet and are only just ovulating now, much later than usual.


snickelfritz - February 7

I agree with LIN... it's possible that you haven't O'd yet. I got two rounds of positive opks this cycle and it just so happened that I O'd after my last positive opk... which I thought was 11dpo! When I got a positive opk with my last pg, it came a full 8 days after my first positive hpt. I'd definitely try testing again though. GL!


bradylove - February 7

I'm not temping regularly enough to chart so there's no real way of knowing if O is happening now. AF is due Friday, at this point, if it doesn't show, I'll try another HPT. But just in case, might bd again tonight!



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