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LadyD - June 6

Ok, I am not trying this myself because I don't even know how and I do it the old fashion way: intercourse. ANYWAY, I was going back to some old posts and skimming through and I came across one that said something about women finding other ways to have sperm enter their va___a without actual intercourse. What the heck are they (or you) doing? I am not knocking anybody, to each their own but I am beyond curious. I remember someone told me once that guys in jail mail sperm home in ketchup packets- I swear! I laughed for like 3 days. I didn't think that was possible or that sperm lived that long. Fill me in, ladies!


TOGIRL - June 6

what men mail sperm that a give a spin on life there is mail order brides why not mail order babies


TOGIRL - June 6

what men mail sperm that a give a spin on life there is mail order brides why not mail order babies lol


TOGIRL - June 6

hey how that happen


j. - June 6

Aside from the men being in jail....are these women doing this because their partners do not want to be pregnant? I've heard someone using a turkey baster....there are crazy people out there.


LadyD - June 7

2 responses? Come on ladies. I know someone has another one for me....lol. Seriously though, a turkey baster? WTH?! No comment in that case..lol. I guess I should've been more specific with my question: in either case, whether the man wants the baby or not. For example, in the case of the mailing sperm, the man obviously wants the baby because he's sending it, but if the man doesn't want it, how do the women "preserve" or "save" (whichever word is better to use) it? I thought sperm dies within a certain amt. of time &/or temperature?


Cindy Lou - June 7

I heard that sperm die when it hits the air...but that can't be true since there are sperm test where men have to put it in a cup. I can't see a cup around a man p___s to not let air in...lol...but anyway I do not think mailing sperm would be possible...I hear people having putting there legs up in the air after having intercourse and riding an imaginary bike to make the sperm get to where they need to go. The one person who admitted to it is now 13 weeks pg. So who knows if that really works.


TOGIRL - June 7

a TURKEY BASTER omg has anyone seen seed of chucky that is how they inseminate thae women in the movie . i didn't think people actually did that for real. what is up with riding a imaginary bike that one makes me laugh


snugglybugglys - June 7

As long as the sperm is moist and wet it can live for 48 to 72 hours. I just read it off of a site. So I guess it's somewhat possible if it is sealed in something. Still weird though. Other wise like Cindy Lou said if it hits air too long it dries out neutralizes and dies.


LadyD - June 7

TOGIRL, that is right! Chuck y is my favorite, by the way...lol. People do some odd things but that is definetely beyond odd and the bike thing, come on, it only takes one lil guy to go up and he knows the directions...lol. I can't knock her, it worked. I didn't know sperm can last outside of the body for that long snuggly, thanks. I a__sumed it only lives long inside of a woman because of the temp. down there, but duh,silly me, how else did I think men donate sperm and stuff. Sometimes I am so stupid...lol.


Danielle26 - June 8

I have heard of women using a non-spermicidal condom with their partner then saving the condom when they're done.


TOGIRL - June 8

you know LadyD i thought the same thing but when i realize what i was thinking or if i say something dumb i just tell people i have limited supply of intelligence i am trying to conserve what i got. anyways you what funny last night on tv they had a show that talked about women 15 years back in the us who bought home insemination kits where the sperm was apparently supplied by genuises it was part this organisation that claim they were trying to better the world by offereing women the opportunity to have a geniuses baby. i thought that was kinda creepy


Patti - June 8

You know I read a post a few months back where a girl asked if her bf came on her back could she use her fingers to insert it to get pregnant! Guess he wasn't on board with pregnancy and she was going to try to make it happen!


TOGIRL - June 8

patti are you serious some girl actually posted that


LadyD - June 8

That is creepy, TOGIRL. Patty, that is just sad. What the hell is wrong with her...lol? She wanted that baby too bad. Seriously, I have a friend that GRADUATED from college and asked if she swallows, can she get pg....DEAD SERIOUS. You know I don't call her anymore,right...hahahaha. I was embarra__sed for her.


TOGIRL - June 8

LADYD i would have been in embarrssed for her to. i would expect that from a 16 yr old or around that age but not a college graduate


TOGIRL - June 8

- in



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