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LadyD - March 12

Hey ladies. Hope all is well. Well my af came & left, I am now on cd7 & ready to ttc ....again. So frustrating. Anyway, I wanted to know how is it possibe to ovulate twice in the same cycle before your af arrives & also I want to now what I can do differently so that I can possibly conceive. I swear it wasn't this hard the first time..lol. All advice/opinions welcome!!


Martha31 - March 12

cd5 for me. Are you temping? chrting, using any OPK? I see most of the gals here are doing that. I startedthis month. How many months have you been trying for?


auburnlocks - March 12

Hi I am new to the site. My dh and I have been ttc for what seems like forever. I am on cd3 right now, thought for sure that we were gonna get a bfp since my i was a couple days late this month, but maybe it is just the weather change changing my cycle. I thought that was an interesting question -can you ovualte twice in the same cycle? I would like to know too!


Daynae79 - March 12

i have heard that it is possible but not very common. i would think that would increase possibility of conception...right?


Martha31 - March 12

Ovulation is an event that takes place over 24 hours. During that time, one or more eggs can be released, each capable of living no more than 24 hours. So once you have ovulated, you cannot ovulate again until the next cycle.


LadyD - March 13

I apologize for taking so long to respond ladies & thank you for responding. I had to sign off, had an emergency meeting at work & when I got home, I crashed. Anyway, I tried temping last month but I kept forgetting & stuff & said screw it so I gave up. That was the only "tool" I tried. I have been ttc on & off since last year, around May. It's more or less, it happens when it happens. I already have a child but I wasn't actually "trying" when I got pg the 1st time but now that I am ready for baby #2, it's not happening as easy. #1 rule to the Newbies: DON'T STRESS! WAY easier said than done but trust me, I skipped a whole cycle & spent so much $ on hpt's it was ridiculous. Now, I am nowhere near the type of person to obsess over d__n near anything but at that time, I was losing it b/c I wanted to be pg that bad but after that I took a break & started just having fun while bd'ing rather than thinking "oohh...I hope this sperm implants" .LLLMMAAOOO. Martha, thank you for that info. Does anyone else have any advice/opinions?



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