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LadyD - May 1

Hey, ladies. How is everyone ? I just got back from vacation and I got a question already. On Sat., (cd16), at like 4 am, I went to the bathroom after coming in from a club and I had blood when I wiped, not a lot, just enough for the tissue and wasn't anyhting after that. i bd'd just in case b/c I don't know if I was ovulating. Here's my question: When you see this blood, did I ovulate ALREADY, am I ovulating RIGHT THEN, or am I ABOUT to ovulate? I hope I didn't confuse anyone as dumb as it sounds. I'm pretty sure it's ov bleeding b/c I have a 32 day cycle and have a luteal phase of about 14-15 days. Next af is due 5/16.


LadyD - May 1

Another question: What is the average sperm can live? I know it can live up to 5 days...is it 3 to 5 days?


SaraLynn - May 1

I've always heard that they can live up to 3 days. You actually want to have s_x at one to two days before you know you're ovulating so that they can reach your falopian tubes before the egg gets to that point, but not more than 3 days, and if you have s_x the day you ovulate the egg might mature before his swimmers make it that far. After 3 days you don't really have many little swimmers left alive in you. I hope this helps!


Lin - May 1

There is no hard and fast rule for when ovulation spotting occurs, and I think a few physical events at ovulation time can cause it. If it's a substantial spot on the tp when you wipe, then my guess is it's from the actual follicle bursting, in which case you'd have already ovulated at the point you saw it. There's really no way of knowing how long it took to come out. It could have been that day, but I've personally had O spotting 5 days after ovulation. If it was on cd 16, then it was probably no more than a couple days after O. As for sperm, then do live up to 5 days, but that's the tail end of the distribution. The average is just 48 hours.


LadyD - May 1

Thanks ladies. But Lin, you think I ov'd possibly before this bleeding? It wasn't a lot, it was just nough to wipe 2-3 times and it was gone b/c the next time I went to the bathroom, nothing and I took a shower, still nothing. So basically it's possible that I ov'd early?


Lin - May 1

Sorry, but there's no way of knowing. Like I said, it could have been the day of for a few days before. Why would you say cd 16 is early? Do you normally have long cycles or a short luteal phase? The average person ovulates around cd 14. At any rate, if you just temped, you wouldn't have this ambiguity. I really recommend it!


LadyD - May 1

Oh, you are right about it not being too early. I was thinking about my luteal phase. The way I am looking at it is like this: My cycle is 32 days, lmp was 4/14, ov about 5/1 w/ a 15 day lutueal phase, next af is due 5/16. If I ov'd BEFORE 5/1, (For example I'll say Sat., 4/29 (cd16- the day I was spotting) or Fri., 4/28 (cd15), my luteal phase will be longer (17 or 18 days). I hope this isn't too confusing. I completely understand what you are saying, Lin, but my af is on time everytime or off by one day, that's why I am saying if that was ov spotting, my af should be 17-18 days after that. I am too lazy to temp. I am ttc but I am not to the point where I ready to do the temping and testing constantly. I am trying to not think too hard about getting pg. I'll start temping in a few months if it doesn't happen for me. I already have 1 child so I am pretty sure I can conceive again.


LadyD - May 5

On cd20, I had thick ewcm when I was bd'ing. I don't know if that cm "stretchy" b/c I didn't "inspect" that much...lol (meaning I did not touch it).Could that be ov? So that basically means the blood was a sign Ov was on the way, right? Could the sperm have lasted from cd16 b/c cd20, dh decided to be a p___n star at the last minute (LMAO).... and I d__n near kicked him out the bed.


linds99 - May 5

LadyD, are you sure you don't have a cyst? Another gal that was on this forum a few months back that I was talking to via email had the same issue (pink on toilet paper after one or two wipes...) she went to the doctor and he did a sonogram (with the d____o machine) and found she had a cyst that caused the spotting. (It was an asymptomatic cyst).The doctor also told her that ovulation spotting usually is brownish in color, AND is so rare to occur. What do you think?


LadyD - May 5

Oh, I didn't think about that. I am going to make an appt right now for the dr. b/c I had the same spotting last month. I've actually heard that it can be o/v spotting but I guess I better be safe than sorry. Is there anthything else a__sociated w/ cysts, are there any other symptoms?


Lin - May 5

If they're big enough, they can cause some discomfort. I had one that got to the size of a big tangerine, and I could definitely feel that there was something there. Otherwise, no, you don't necessarily feel them (unless, of course, they burst).


LadyD - May 5

Lin, I know nothing about cysts. What do you mean feel them, inside the v____a or outside? I know on cd20 when I was bd'ing it felt soft, like if he was doing it harder it would've hurt, know what I mean? I guess that must've been my cervix? Say it wasn't a cyst, why is it soft? You would think I would know being that I am a mother already but I was young when I had my daughter, so I don't know squat about being pg.


Amber #2 - May 5

Hey LadyD! I have had many cysts before, 3 of which have ruptured on me due to having s_x. The last one I had to have surgically removed and it had grown to the size of a grapefruit. The pain is like an ache near the ovary on whatever side the cyst happens to be on. The pain can also travel to your back (kind of like menstrual pains). It's usually not unbearable unless one ruptures. During s_x, I can always tell when I have one because it is painful and I can feel him hitting it (sorry...tmi) and I have to have him stop. Obviously a few of those times it was too late b/c it had already ruptured. If you think you may have one, check with your doctor and they will do a transv____al ultrasound (the d____o machine as linds called it), lol.


LadyD - May 5

Thank you, Amber #2. I just called and described what I saw to the dr. and she believes it's due to ov, the same thing happened last month about the same time, so I am still monitoring my body to see if it happens again. Thanks again!


Bebita_Linda - May 6

see a doctor and hopefully its nothing to serious good luck


chandellina - May 8

well i have had light bleeding and spotting for 5 days now - starting on CD14, my expected O day. the whole time i have had very fertile looking CM so thought the O spotting must have started in advance of ovluation. but why the red blood? i have had one normal AF since a miscarraige in March.


LadyD - May 8

**TMI** On cd23, I was bd'ing in the a.m. and started bleeding again, not heavy, though. I am thinking maybe it's from the s_x, it wasn't rough, but deep penetration. It was kind of bright, like it was the beginning of af. I took a nap and when I woke up, there was blood in my panties, which has never happened before. I mean, I've had s_x where the blood came out like a period but then left and NEVER dripped into my panties, but when I took a shower later in the afternoon, it almost disappeared. By nightfall, it was pretty much gone, that's why I think it wasn't anything to be too alarmed about or get too happy for no reason. What do y'all think?? Another thing: When does implantation bleeding occur? How long does it last?



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