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~ANNE~ - November 13

Last month i had my periods and i had theme for only 5 days and they normaly last 7 days well this month the week befor my periods was about to come i had brown to dark brown dischage for almost a whole week then my periods were late for 4 days then i started and i had theme for only 2 days verry light bleeding! well i took 2 pregnancy test at night in deferent nights on the 7 of Novemeber i took a clear blue pregnancy test and it had a verry verry faint line you had to look at it to see it! and yesterday night i took a first response pregnancy test and it was negative and i took another one this morning and it was also negative !! BUT THE WORST PART IS THAT I FEEL PREGNANT I HAVE ALL THE SYPTOMES ASPECIAL NAUSSIA!DO YOU THINK I COULD BE PREGNANT BUT NOT ADVANCE ANOUGHT FOR IT TO SHOW UP ON THE PREGNANCY TEST!


m - November 13

In my opinion, it sounds like it could have been one of 2 things: 1- possibly you were pregnant, but it didn't take. 2- you are pregnant, but your hcg is not high enough yet for consecutive positive results (testing at different times of day, etc.). Anyway, I'd go to the doc. Even if you did have one of those early miscarriages (and that doesn't mean you did), if the hcg hangs around in your system, the symptoms of pregnancy can still hang around too. This happened to me recently. Anyway, I don't want to seem like I am playing devil's advocate with what I've said. I'd see the doc asap and get a quant blood test to see if there is any trace of hcg. good luck. And btw, try testing again first thing in the morning. It's supposed to be most concentrated if you're not an all night pee-er. :o)


~~ANNE~ - November 13



m - November 13

Just out of curiosity, was it one of the FR "early response". Those test for 25 mIU, that's pretty sensitive. I don't know what to say except that you might see your doc and see if he wants to test you for hcg. good luck.


Karen - November 14

You could very well be pregnant I knew someone in your very same situation and even the blood tests weren't even conclusive enough. Hang in there and keep me posted I wish you the best of luck


Michelle - November 14

If she had a miscarrige she would know! A miscarrige is very painful and you bleed in chinks and perfusley! Dont worry Anne you didnt have a misscarige. Go to you doc and take a quant_tive blood test. Good Luck!


~~ANNE~ - November 14

well thank you for your advice and that what i am going to do tomorrow! i now how a miscarige feels cause i already had one a couple years ago!! And if i remember right for my daughter and my son i had my periods till i was 2 and a half month! that wen i found out i was pregnant!! if i am pregnant its going to be a total choke! but i would be happy!!


m - November 15

With all due respect Michelle, not ALL miscarriages are like the one you described. I know this for a FACT because I have had 2! The were both very early...... like Anne. My first one came with zero cramping, no chunks, and no bleeding profusely... as you described. It was a day or 2 of bleeding that was much like a period. OK?? It's kindof brazen of you to tell her she didn't have a miscarriage. We don't know that. If you'll notice, she said she was only 4 days late before the bleeding started. That isn't even 3 weeks past conception. I'm not sure how far along you were, but from a voice of experience w/early miscarriage, you are sadly mistaken if you think all miscarriages are like the one you describe. Read around this board and you'll find that many women have mc experience much like the one I described. Hopefully she didn't, but it sure as hell is possible! You need to accept that we all have different experiences.... and just because something happened to you one way, does NOT mean that's how it happens to all of us. Have you ever heard all of the studies that say women have miscarraiges all the time w/out even knowing they were pregnant because it happens about the time of a period, and sometimes is mistaken for a period.


~~ANNE~ - November 15

we will see i go and see the doctor this afternoon! but for my last two pregnancy i only found out i was pregnant was wen i was 2 and a half months gone!! si i don't know what to think but i guess i will get an answer today!!


m - November 15

I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted.


~~ANNE~ - November 15

Well i want and seen my doctor and he thinks that i am pregnant so i got to go and past a blood test to see .So i will only have my response next week! But it looks good for me!!so will see what the test says!


~~ANNE~ - November 16



m - November 17

Anne, congrats! By the way, if you want the test done sooner, just call your doc and get your blood drawn today or tomorrow, have the dr to put a rush on it, and the lab will have it back sooner. They can do it in an hour or 2 if there is a rush on it. Good luck and let us know how everything turns out!


BUMP - November 19




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