PREGNANCY Or PCO Polycystic Ovaries Very Nervous

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MM - March 31

Hello...I have always been irregular. I never know when my period is coming (2 months, 3 months - I've even gone 6 months without a period before). I had tests done 4-5 years ago (blood, ultrasound) & was told that everything was fine, it would just be more difficult for me to conceive when I was ready. I feel like I might be pregnant but hpts are -ve. No af since Dec. 26 - had a little blood when I wiped on Feb. 9, put a pad on, next day only very faint spotting on pad. These are my symptoms: tingling/burning/itchy nipples, cramps, gassy, extremely tired. (All on & off.) I think my stomach & br___ts look a little bigger (but I'm not sure, maybe I just got fatter). I also get waves of nausea/dizziness (usually in the evening) & feel very nauseated just before lunch when I start to get hungry. I don't usually get any symptoms that af is on her way, just cramps occasionally. So I never know when she is coming. I think the blood on Feb 9th may have been implantation bleeding. I tried a pregnancy calculator (I input 45 day cycles as I had a period approx. 45 days before the one in Dec.) & it said I ovulated on Jan. 24th (I had s_x with my husband that day) & that I would be about 10 week preg. But hpts keep showing -ve. Has anyone else had this problem. Please help!!!! Does it sound like I am pregnant???? OR DOES IT SOUND LIKE I MAY HAVE PCO (POLYCYSTIC OVARIES) OR SOMETHING?? Can someone please answer my questions? If I am preg. it would be my first time & I'm very nervous!!


*** - March 31

baby dust


Christina - March 31

I went to the doctor yesterday for missed a period and told me that I was not pregnant and that I too may have pcos. I asked her to do a blood test anyway and will find out for sure if I am preggo. I have not had such irregular periods as you but have been told that my 32-42 day cycles are very abnormal. I hope that you find out something soon.


Carol - March 31

I would go to the doctor. It sounds very much like you have PCOS. The major signs are irregular or missed periods for months at a time, overweight - especially around the middle, abnormal hair growth (facial hair) Good luck!


tiffani - March 31

Christina~ That's funny what your doctor said about your 32-42 day cycles being abnormal, because my doctor said my 39 day cycles were very normal.


kim - March 31

I also have irregular periods. I have been told that I may hve this problem too. I can't afford the testing. I went 2 years w/out a period. All I can say is that I have every symptom you do each month, sometimes all month. I am not pregnant. Hormones can do funny things to you. I would rule pregnancy out first, but if you can afford it get checked out. I have posted information about a herbal supplement I took when trying to conceive my second child. This is when I had no period for 2 years. I took something called New Phase to reggulate my period. You can find it over the counter in the herb and vitamin section. I took it got my period and conceived my son. Hope this helps.


littlemrsb - March 31

MM, I hope this is encrging to you: I have always been a bit irr., but over the last 1.5 yr, after getting off the pill, I have exprncd. many of the same sympt. that you described. I was const. taking pt's and they were always (-). Last June, after a 60 day cylce and dull aching in my abd., I went to see a doctor. He said PCOS might be a possib., but I had to wait a month for my u/s. All tests on hormones, thyroid, ovaries, all came back normal. He then said I wasn't ovulating but there was no expl. why, and that I might never ovulate, but should get back on the pill just in case I do have cysts, and when I wanted to try to get pg, "he had a pill for that too." After this, I felt like a malfunctioning woman and that no one could possibly understand what I was experiencing. Not ovultng = no chldrn to me, and my hrt was broken. I prayed a lot for guidance. I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and began to really get familliar w/ my body and it's signs of fert. I also read about PCOS and that it is connected w/ insulin levels. So I began doing food combining (ex: Sommersizing), which cuts out white flour and sugar and allows your body to make better use of food. All of my sympt. I had been having started to go away and I lost some lbs. right around my repr. area! I believe that it cleansed and restarted my body, and I began ovulating again in Jan. I got pg. in Feb! I blv. that God who created you, knows the intimate workings of your body, and if you ask Him for guidance and healing, he will bring it... along w/ patience while He works! I also blv. that you can know what is going on w/ your body better than most Drs. I think diet is so key to many infert. problems, and I encourage you to find a eating pln. that makes you feel better. I hope you are pregnant... If not, I pray that the Lord will help you to find answers that will bring you to be healthy again. God Bless! Know that you are not alone.


MM - March 31

Thanks so much everyone, & littlemrsb, thanks for the encouraging & positive words! I know there is something happening with my body. I am going to try to see my doctor in a little over a week. I hate having to tell the receptionist why I would like to see my doctor (I'm very shy). I am hoping that everything is okay with me (pregnant or not) because I would hate to not be able to have kids. The longest I have gone without af is 6 months & I think that has only happened once or twice. Sometimes it will come two months in a row but usually they are about 2-4 months apart. Right now it has been a little over 3 months since my last one. My husband & I would be happy if it turns out I am pregnant but I have been getting more & more worried about what could be wrong with me. I have been waiting for af so I can start charting my temps because that's when it says you are supposed to start but I haven't gotten af & now I've begun to worry that I don't even ovulate!


littlemrsb - March 31

MM, Even if you started charting, chances are, since you probaby aren't ovulating, that you won't see a thermal shift. HOWEVER... I think charting even when you havn't started your pd. yet helps you be in tune w/ your body . I started charting, and was able to know what was going on a bit with my body before I went to the Dr. When I stopped charting, I at least knew what signs to watch for for fertile days (cerv pos. & cerv. fluid). Good luck to you, and don't give up! I'll be praying for you. (Also, remember that stress can affect your ability to ovulate, so you need to figure out what will cause you to relax and have peace of mind.)


Tess - March 31

I actually have PCOS. I was diagnosed about three years ago and at the time they put me on metformin because BC pills make me so sick. I am 31 now and although I am not a virgin, neither am I s_xually promiscuous. In December - the 11th to be exact - I was raped by a "friend" of mine. He is no longer a friend, but at the time we had been friends with no "romantic" relationship for 6 years. I was very drunk and did not really fight, but it was painful and just not a good experience. It also happened to fall exactly when I was ovulating. I can feel when I ovulate and since being on metformin, I ovulate and have a period every month. At least I have for more than a year. I used to have the sporadic periods that you mentioned - I have gone as long as six months without a period too. Ask your Dr. about metformin if you are trying to get pg with PCOS - it helped a good friend of mine get pregnant. Anyway - sorry this is so long - I just have so much to say and I have been lurking here for about three weeks. LOL! I am having all kinds of pregnancy symptoms. I keep telling myself I am NOT pg. The rape was the last time I had s_x. And I have had "periods" since that time. But they have been about two days of spotting as opposed to my normal 6 or 7 days of mostly heavy bleeding. I also have had no period pain - it normally just about knocks me out. I also generally have a LOT of pain when I ovulate every month and I have not had that pain either. So I am either not ovulating or something else weird is going on...miraculous healing perhaps? I have taken two HPT's both negative. I am an office manager for a medical clinic, so I have also taken a blood test. However, it was a qualitive blood test and they drew my blood on Thursday and found it in the fridge monday morning and sent it. And at that time I would have been about 6 weeks. When it came up negative I just accepted it and a__sumed I wasn't. I am not trying to get pregnant. But my symptoms have not gone away. My b___sts are still sore although they have lately started to ease up a bit - I still have little white bumps on them - my aeroelas have gotten darker and bigger. Actually, I have always had inverted nipples up till now and suddenly my shy nipples are out all the time. And lately I have noticed that my tummy has gotten more rounded and hard. The nurse pract_tioner - who is also my friend - has basically told me that all of this is being caused by stress so I have quit talking to her about it. I am also not unduly stressed - no more than usual. The rape was not good, but I actually think I have dealt with it rather well - I just no longer have a relationship with that person and I don't drink so much that I can't walk anymore. I don't know what to do, but I am tired of feeling like I am I am posting here. My mother said when she was pregnant that her pregnancy didn't show up on tests and that her Dr actually killed a rabbit to find out. I don't want to kill a rabbit, but I do want to know whats going on with my body. If I'm pregnant, I just want to know. If I'm not I can deal with that - I never really wanted to do it alone - I know I could - I just never pictured myself doing it that way. If you read this post - go get a cookie - you deserve it! Thank you for listening and any advice or comments would be appreciated! Good luck to you all!


Jess - March 31

what you you mean by kill a rabbit to find out/ Sorry just real curious.


Tess - March 31

Apparently the blood or urine of a pregnant woman will kill a rabbit - that why all the old jokes saying "the rabbit died". I am not sure why it kills the rabbit - it just does. Maybe I should research it or someone else might know better why it happens. :-D


Jess -short for jessica - March 31

Wow, thats real interesting. I never heard that one before. I guess they had all sorts of ways to determine pregnancy back then. Another quick question. Can you feel PCOS in your uterus. Can you actually feel them floating around or is there really no syptoms.


Tess - March 31

I cannot feel the cysts at all, but they were visible to my gyno. And they also did all kinds of bloodwork. But the symptoms are as someone listed above - weight gain and sometimes an excessive hairyness in strange places (luckily I did not get this symptom) - sometimes thinning hair on your head like male pattern baldness (I did get this some, but lately my hair is growing thick and STRONG and I have LOTS of hair on my head!) - acne - it's basically insulin resistence that causes you to have way too much testosterone and androgyns. There's a lot of info on the disease out there. I do know that when I would ovulate I had HORRIBLE pain - it would make me double over and cry. But I haven't had that in a few months...


MM - April 1

I have never had pain when I ovulate & barely any with my period. This morning I have had light period-like cramping but that's it.


MM - April 1

Also, in regards to my first post above - do you think it's possible the blood I had on Feb. 9 was implantation bleeding? It was only there when I wiped. I put a pad on & the next morning there was only very faint brown spotting on the pad. Thanks!


D - April 1

The rabbit died because the lab tech killed it! What happens is, the hormones we have in pregnancy cause some changes in the rabbits internal organs, and in order to see whether those changes are present or not, the tech had to view the inside of the rabbit. I know a retired lab tech who has told this story in all too grusome detail too many times... Ugh!



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