Pregnant After C Section 2 Months Ago

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MuzikGurl - February 14

Ok, this may be crazy and all in my head but here's my story....I was on clomid for two months a year ago I ended up pregnant with my first baby (a girl) she was born on Dec.10th, 2006 just a little 2 months ago...I had her by c-section unfortunately but it was no choice. Since then have had my 6 weeks check up and the dr. said everything looks good and I'm was having lochia just the discharge you have after pregnancy...then I went about 2 weeks with nothing and now I have had just barely only on tp dark brown spotting and small twinges like sharp stabs but nothing too normally I would think this is just my period and my body getting back to normal but, since I have never had normal periods and I was on clomid before i got pregnant and DH and I have been having unprotected s_x a few times...not trying to get pregnant again so soon but, then again doesn't matter if we do or, here are my symptoms and you tell me if you think I should test or not : very light brown spotting off and on for two days only when I wipe, small sharp cramps for the past week, sore br___ts for the past 3-4, given that what do you think I should do? I don't see my og/gyn again until May for my annual exam and I tested a week ago to see if I am pregnant and it was negetive but that was before the spotting and my br___ts being sore....anyone else had this issue or have any idea what I should do? I'm thinking of testing in the morning anyways but, pg. tests are expensive especially with already having a baby to pay for so, I don't want to waste a test if it's just my body trying to have a normal period unlike before I was pregnant...


Dionne - February 14

Hi MuzikGurl. I had just had my baby on 10 September and I didn't get my first period until she was 13wks old. Your body might still be adjusting, but if you feel that you could be pregnant I say leave it for a couple of weeks and then test. I hope this helps.


Dionne - February 14

Sorry I just read that you had a c-section. I had a v____al birth so there'll probly be some sort of difference there.


LIN - February 14

If I were you, I'd test once per week every week until your body goes back to a normal period pattern. Pregnancy tests are not expensive at all. You can always buy them in bulk online for as low as $50 cents a piece (Ebay,, etc.). If you're in the States, you can get them for $1 at the Dollar Tree.


DownbutnotOUT - February 14

Ar you b___stfeeding? I have had 3 csections and your symptons sound normal to me. If you have been having unprotected s_x I would test in afew days, also i heard a dollar store in canada has just started selling pregnancy tests for a buck. take it easy


MuzikGurl - February 15

Yes, I am in the states and I know they sell them at the dollar store but, in the past I have accidently bought tests that after I used them I noticed on the box they were already, given that I didn't trust them anymore but, I might just go back to using them just check the boxes next time....and I don't think I'm pg. anymore because my spotting has become a little bit heavier but, not my normal yet...i guess i'll just wait it out and see what it does the rest of the week and if it i'm still not happy with it then i'll just test on monday next week. thanks for your responses.


MuzikGurl - February 15

oh,, i am not b___stfeeding....sorry forgot to answer you...



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