Question About Pull Out Method

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waffles - March 5

If I have s_x during my peak time but he pulls out, what are the chances of conception???


jenn_ns - March 5

I think I read somewhere around 25%......


crackersforme - March 5

I think you have a 25 to 30% chance of getting pregnant during your peak time if he does NOT pull out....not sure if it's the same or not, though. Any others??


Grandpa Viv - March 5

Properly practiced, pull-out has about the same success as natural family planning - one pregnancy every 4 years. My impression is that teens do not practice it properly. If it is important for you not to get pregnant, you should avoid this type of s_x during your fertile window. Good luck!


LN030905 - March 5

i got preg from it! i'd at least use a condom! good luck!


jenn_ns - March 5're right, crackersforme!!! Thanks for correcting me on that! :)


sososleepy - March 8

They call people who use the pull out method when they're most fertile: parents.


Kiersten - March 8

lol sososleepy! I've read that in one of the many s_x books we were given for our wedding! :)


waffles - March 16

what do u mean by that???


Kelsey - March 16

She means that your chances of getting pregnant are very very good. See Grandpa Viv's response? "Pull-out has about the **same** success as natural family planning"


MammaJL - March 16

She means that the pull out method is NOT a form of birth control, and that people who use it usually end up pregnant sooner or later.


kimberly - March 16

I don't advise using this method at all but it is better than nothing at all. I used it with dh for a year and never got pregnant and then the same month we stopped pulling out was the month I concieved. Again though I don't think you should try this but dh and I were wanting another baby anyway just wanted to wait a bit, so if it would have happened it would have been fine for us. So unless you want a baby don't use this as birth control.


waffles - March 16

does anyone know the percentage of conceiving from the pull out method on your fertile days?


BeccaBaby1 - March 16

I don't know any stats but I have a friend who chose the pull out method when she got married. She got pregnant on her honeymoon!!! Now, on the other hand my husband and I used the pull out method for 4 years with no babies along the way. As the other ladies said, if you don't want a child now, just use a better method.


frozenfeet - March 16

here, read this: Pulling out, also known as withdrawal, means that a man pulls his p___s out of the v____a before he "comes" to keep sperm from joining egg. It is only 81 percent-96 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Pregnancy can happen even if the guy pulls out, if he doesn't ejaculate, or doesn't put his p___s all the way in. Here's why: when a guy gets aroused, he produces a fluid called pre-ejaculate ("pre-c_m"), which can contain sperm - particularly if he's had s_x or masturbated earlier in the last couple of days. When the fluid leaks from the p___s before a guy comes, it can cause pregnancy.


snugglybugglys - March 16

I don't know about neccesarily fertile days....but typical use of withdrawl is 19% effective...and not typical is 4% effective. So not so much. I was on the patch, and wasn't sure if it was working yet...since I didn't have af after having my baby, plus used withdrawl just in case...and I STILL got pregnant!


sososleepy - March 16

Do they still sell diaphragms? One of those with a spermicide is a nice alternative; you get the real feel and are reasonably safe if you're a couple and you're not concerned about std's.



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