QuestionS AbouT BirtH ControL Amp PregnancY

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* MARIE * - April 25

My fiance and I have been TTC since November of 2004. In December of 04 I stopped getting periods and in April my doctor gave me medication to build up the lining of my uterus wall so I would have a period. I started on Ortho Evera after this to start having a period and I plan on stopping the patch in a few months then trying for a baby again. First question is: Is it possible I could be pregnant while using the patch? And if so, how much harm am I doing the baby if I continue the patch not knowing I'm pregnant? Finally, can I take a HPT and get and ACCURATE result if I'm on the patch? I've been throwing up almost every day for about a week, frequent urination, HEADACHES!!! and I have been very tired all day long which is unusual.


* Marie * - April 25

Oh! Just to add, how long does it take after getting off BC to start trying again? The doc recommends 3 months but I've heard stories of shorter time than that!


jena - April 25

you shouldn't get pregnant on the patch since it is a method of birth control. not everything is 100%, but it is pretty effective. do you think you may be throwing up in response to wearing the patch? how long have you been using it? as for taking a hpt and getting an accurate result - i'm not sure, but it's worth a try - more accurate would be a blood test. as for ttc after going off bc, they way to wait 3 months to get it out of your system because it's not good for the baby. it's probably easier to get prego after waiting 3 months (using condoms, or whatever) - my good friend went off bc, used condoms for 3 months, and got pregnant the 4th month. I went off bc in September, started ttc right away, and didn't conceive until March. It's different for everyone though - some people get pregnant the first month, and for others it takes 12 months or more.... GL!


Grandpa Viv - April 25

Go to the web site of the patch manufacturer and see what it says about side effects. Good luck!


*//Amber//* - April 25

It is possible you can be pregnant on the patch b/c I am and I was on the patch I stop using it as soon as I could tell I was pregnant. And about the HPT I wouldnt trust them 100% I didnt show up on a HPT Until my mom was 4 months with me and the same thing happend to my friends when they were pregnant.


* Marie * - May 2

This past weekend my b___st started hurting VERRRRY bad! Should I take a test or no?


To marie: - May 2

I got pregnant while taking the pill - if you have signs that you may be pregnant, take a test right away! I did and at that time I was 7 wks pregnant!! I was worried because I had taken the pill for a whole mth unknowingly...I am now 14 wks along....believe me accidents happen!!


* Marie * - May 3

WOW! Yeah, I read the manufacturer's website and the breat tenderness and some of my symptoms are totally normal (worse than tehy should be though!). However, it says if you miss 2 cycles to be cautious of pregnancy but it didn't say anything about completely harming the baby if you continue too much accidental use. Hmmm? So I'll be worried if I miss my cycle!


* Marie * - May 3

took my patch off today because my breats are hurting so bad that when I take my sports bra off (yes! i have to wear a sports bra every day!!) I cry! So lets cross our fingers for conception within the next few months!


AUTUMN - May 4

I was told by my doctor that if you are pregnant and taking it bc it doenst harm the baby at all. a doctor she works with his wife was 4 months along and she was on the pill. she said it doesnt hurt. but how much can we really trust these doctors. good luck.


Alma - May 5

Birth control can cause you to miscarry. That's why they usually test you for pregnancy if you are s_xually active before they give you the pill. You can inadvertantly abort your baby if you continue to take it. of course there are exceptions but the birth control keeps a fertalized egg from attaching to the uterine wall.


* Marie * - May 6

Thanks for all teh help ladies. I ahve been a little sick the past week, LOTS of breat soreness, my nipples got really cracked and dry and they hurt SO BAD!!! Other than this, I ahven't felt like my period is coming along. The website said it should take 4 days for my period to start after I take my patch off so tomorrow is day 3 so we'll see. I bought 2 preg. tests today and if I don't get my AF, I'm testing!!! Wish us luck!!!



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