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JJ aka JUSTINE - November 4



JJ - November 4

Well I'm here, hopefully you'll all be joining me again. Ive been chatting to a sweet lady and have invited her to join us, she is in the same boat as us with with dreaded AF. Her name is Paige. C'mon Bek, Gemma, Akhirah, Ellie, Kelly, Amanda and LisaD if your around, how you all doing? xxxx


JJ - November 4

I read on another thread about drinking fertilitea, maca root and rubbing in progesterone cream, have any of you tried any of these? I'm wondering whether to invest in some, and maybe one of those saliva opks that Bek is using. If they dont work then I might consider HARI KARI!! HE HE! xxxx


gemma - November 4

hi everyone so here we go again i have calculated that i should be ov on the 15/16th of this month but who knows my cycles are all over the place i can normally feel ov coming so i will have to wait till i get the pains. i havent heard of any of them JJ but there is another thred about taking evening primrose oil cause it make the fishes swim better but you have to stop taking it after ov or something im not to sure but hey we wont know if we dont try! hope you are all ok and im glad that there is another thread being made so we cane all keep in touch ******lots of Babydust to u all *******


ellie - November 4

af came yet again.im getting a little worried now.when i was 13 i had alopecia nothing drastic it was just after my grandad died i we just put it down to stress,but i do remember when i went to this doctors he said that when im older i could have thyroid problems.so im really getting worried that maybe i do have a problem that needs to be corrected arrggggggggghh im driving myself mad here.anyway im gonna wait until the new year and if i dont get a bfp then im going to see the doctor


JJ - November 5

I glad you both made it to the new thread. I'm going to change the AF to NF( NIAGRA FALLS) cos I cant believe how heavy I am today, started off nice light!! still lets hope it doesnt last long. But I cant complain as a friend of my sis had a still born last wed night, took 25 mins to revive. only heard today the outcome, baby not breathing by itself so going to turn off ventilator in a couple of days. I feel very,very sad for the parents, I hope I never have to go through anything like that so my heavy period pails into insignificance really. On a happier note tho, looking forward to FERTILE TIME from the 13th to 17th ish! C'MON!! Going to work extra hard this month, folic acid, s_x, progesterone cream, s_x, herbal fertilitea, s_x, maca root root tea, s_x, s_x, s_x, s_x and more s_x then rest cos I'm going to be bloody knackered. Poor dh will think christmas has come early for him !!! I cant see him complaining.. Ellie did your hair grow back or have you always had alopecia? Why would thyroid ploblems hinder you getting pregnant? sorry for my ignorance. If you make the concious decision not to try until the new year, you know what will happen? You'll get pregnant when you least exspect it simply because your not trying. Maybe we all should do the same, relax, not try then BAMM! we are all pregnant!! Is it just me or did the last 2ww go quicker than normal? I think chatting on here pa__ses the time. Anyway I'm waffling now and I need to get dressed and put some slap on to face the day. Taking the kids to get boots and sparklers for bonfire night tonight. have a good one ladies and *******BABYDUST******* to everyone...... xxxxx


JJ - November 5

sorry bout the long essay above!!!


ellie - November 5

yes my has grown back and i was doing some research and i found this --- Sometimes - but certainly not always - thyroid disease can affect your fertility. According to Dr. Sheldon Rubenfeld, a practicing thyroidologist, and Founding Chairman of the Thyroid Society for Education and Research, fairly common problems caused by thyroid dysfunction are anovulation (no ovulation, or release of an egg) and menstrual irregularities. With no egg to fertilize, conception is impossible. but as i said i´ll wait and see what the new year brings


Bek - November 5

Hey Ladies JJ that's so funny that you talk about bonfire night. My sister is living in London and just emailed me about going to that as well! Any way... Ellie what is alopecia? I've never heard of it.... My DH and I started our week of s_x and lets just say it's all gone horribly wrong. First night - fantastic had been waiting a few weeks so it was magical. I said we should do it twice a day, so the next morning we did it again. Only this time my body wasn't quite as ready (if you know what I mean). So I was a little sore that day. Then later that night all good to go again.....and I've never felt so bruised and in pain as I did when we tried to have s_x. It was awful. There was no way I could do it. Now we're trying to give my body a bit of a break but I'm missing my fertile time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHhhhhh. I don't think I'll be good to go for another month - It even hurts to walk sometimes..... God is sending me a message that we should just stay DINKs and forget about being parents :) I'm trying not to stress too much. I really wanted it for this month but hey it will happen when it's supposed to happen.... As soon as we started this week I started to treat my body as if I was pregnant. No alcohol, no food that's bad for you, trying to get some exercise in and all that jazz... I think that maybe if I act pregnant enough it will come true :)


JJ - November 6

Bek hi! I know what you mean by being sore with lots of s_x........ but I found this helps, so that you dont waste the fertile time. only get dh to get inside just as he is about to ejaculate(carefully of course) sorry I know its personal but it helped us not lose any swimmers. Bonfire night went well, it was good to have some family time. Wasnt freezing cold either which helped standing around. I'm waiting for af to finish, should'nt be long now. OPK'S here we come!!!! good luck everyone..*******BABYDUST*******


gemma - November 6

hi everyone hope u are all well, my af has finished so im just waiting to ov but, now i have a really bad cold, i to had a really nice bbq and bonfire night on sat i think thats where i got my cold from, hope you are all ok see u later gem ********BABYDUST*********


JJ - November 7

hello every1, AF has finished. YIPPEEE..... well i've been looking at natural remedies to help with fertility and found that Agnus Castus vitamins can help stimulate the hormones when ovulating, it helps balance progesterone and estrogen if you have a short leutal phase.The herb in it is Chasteberry, primary herb in vitex. apparently women who take this as well as a cup of green tea per day can double their chances of conceiving!!! Right so now I know where i'm giong wrong, i'm off to Holland and Barrett for my folic acid,vitex agnus castus vitamins, green tea t.bags, black cohosh vitamins, multi vitamins a b c d 1 to 100, then to the pharmacy for saliva opk test kit, pee on opk's, early first response pregnancy test kits(double packs just in case), body basal thermometer, red bull and pro plus to keep up energy levels cos I think i'm in for a hectic s_xathon over the next couple of weeks!!!!!! YAY NOW THATS A PLAN. I bet the A . TEAM never had such a good one he he!!! Do you think I will have change out of a tenner??? If all that doesnt work then I'm back on the f__gs and boose for christmas! xxxxx


gemma - November 7

hi JJ and everyone, tell us how all those things work lol youll probably end up with triplets after taking that lots! lol i was thinking that my mother-in law said we will have to get drunk at christmas then she moaned that i might be pg so i might not ry as hard if i dont succeed this month i need to let my hair down and have a laugh at christmas not keep worrying about when im ov and how many days there are til af. i hope the rest of u are all ok too!


JJ - November 7

Hi Gemma, lots of women get pregnant when they're drunk, probably cos they are so relaxed. I might add a couple of bottles wine to my previous shopping list too then.


Bek - November 7

Hey Ladies. JJ - I did actually try that method a couple of times and it did work. Luckily I started to feel better anyway! I ovulated yesterday - Day 18. I could tell by the CM and the slight cramping BUT that stupid saliva thing didn't show any difference! :( It was good in letting me know when i would be close to ovulating though so we didn't waste time trying too early.... Now I just have to wait it out. I'm not going to test until the 4th Dec. My AF normally comes around day 35 anyway so I don't want to test until well after that. No more disappointments on BFNs for me! Cross your fingers everyone I swear I can feel those little swimmers attacking my egg right now!!!! :)


JJ - November 8

Bek I'm glad you were able to make the most of your fertile time, so now its the waiting time again for you. Well i'm sending extremely huge baby vibes and sparkly babydust your way. I would still bd a couple more times over the next day or so( if you can) just to make sure you dont miss ov if there is a slim chance that it hasnt happened yet!!! I'm so excited for you, fingers Xed. as soon as you get the first symptom you have to let us know. I think this is a good month for us all..... xxxx


gemma - November 8

hi all good luck Bek, well i have still got a stinkin cold and dont feel like doing much let alone bd so its a good job im not ov till next week i think! im all mucked up cause of weird cyles thing thats happening i get a few cramps so as soon as i get them im going to bd wether im ill or not!



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