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DANI - January 24

izechsmama,BrendaW, mommyof3stepmommyof2,CaseyB,ursula,anoble,bsing123, here is the new thread. The old one was getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long....lol. So let's start posting here. How is everyone doing? I should begin to O here in a few days and I can't wait! Never have been so excited before...hehe.


DANI - January 24

Oops, sorry CaseyB didn't mean to put the - in there between e & y....hehe. It's getting late for me.


CaseyB - January 24

Good Morning! I am feeling great! Just more tired than I have ever been and extremely bloated all the time - I look like I am 3 months pregnant and already can't fit into my clothes! I think I am going to have to buy a couple pairs of comfy stretchy waist pants to get me through these first months until I can buy maternity clothes. My ultrasound is Monday so I am very excited. My HCG numbers are off the charts for how far along I am so the doc should be able to pick up a heartbeat(its a v____al us) I can't wait for you guys to start ovulating and get your BFP's!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 24

hello ladies! Dani i am too waiting on O I should have my positive OPK tomorrow so we will be going for our IUI more than likely friday. I talked with my doc and he said it was ok to start doing more than 1 IUI a cycle but then again I am not sure we will be able to do that this month since it is dd 13th bday tomorrow. We will have alot of children in our house this weekend so no rest for the weary. I am hoping all is well and maybe we can do one IUI tomorrow and one friday but who knows. I will update you guys as soon as i know more. Anyway how are all of you doing? CaseyB LOL have fun with trying on new clothes I cant wait to get there. Baby Dust to all ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~~**~*~*~*


ursula - January 24

I am here.. well, I had a temp dip and then it sharply went up again. I took an OPK and no O yet... this is my first month trying to detect O so we'll see when it hits. DH came home for lunch, that made me feel better. I am trying to not pay too much attention to this place as I have to retreat from the baby band wagon for a few more months. :o(


DANI - January 24

We need to transfer all the ladies from the other thread over to here.....someone give a shout out....lol. mommyof3stepmommyof2, good luck to you. I too should be O very soon....i hope. I took an OPK today and nothing. I hate this waiting game. ursula, I hope you get your BFP for O too....so many of us are waiting right now. I will check back before I go to bed.


melissap - January 25

To izechsmama I had a mirena IUD as well and I really had it removed becausemy body thought I was preg. I still look about 5 mths along with heartburn, fatigue ect. really horrible. My chart at ff thinks I O'd on day 13 so time will tell what is happening. Good luck to you.


melissap - January 25

Ok now I need to rant. Not sure if af is coming or I caught the egg or if it is still this stupid IUD but I have been so moody, last night I just sat and cried and cried, I am not fit to live with my b___st hurt so bad and as usual i pee 500 times a day but that isn;t a good sign for me. I don't think I am but my period shouldn't be here for another 10-12 days. if I don't get preg soon I think I am going to get another IUD put in...ahh no PMS or periods. My DH won't even speak to me, he just quit smoking and I have the mother load of PMS. My poor kids. if they live throught this.......... I hope everyone eles is having a better time and good luck


nikki1 - January 25

Hi! Can I wait with you ladies?? I haven't "O"ed yet, but I am getting overly excited this month also... I haven't been on here in awhile, but I have a really good feeling this month!! I have felt like that before though!! My lmp was on the 15th of January and I would love to wait with ladies around the same time as me..Thanks and hope to talk soon!!:) gl and lots of ~*~Babydust~*~ to all ttc!!;)


DANI - January 25

Good Morning Ladies! melissap, I hope you catch your egg. Could be that your feeling early, early signs. I would give it another few days before you put too much thought into it. I did that last month and I was really let down. I could've sworn I was preggo. I'm on cd 13 and anxioulsy waiting for the big O. It seems like it will never get here. nikki1, WELCOME! You & I are pretty close in our cycles. My lmp was Jan. 12. I've been using an OPK, and still nothing yet. I'm hoping today will be my big day. Are you ttc your first?


Rainbowbrite - January 25

I'm on cd 14 and still waiting for O as well!!! Good luck ladies... lets all catch our eggies!!!


melissap - January 25

thanks dani for the encouragment. with the iud i had like absolutley no homones or any mood swings and now wow, i don't even know how to handle them. definitley getting another after i have my 3rd and last. Hope everyone get's their big O soon and catches their eggs.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 25

Hey ladies I got my + OPK today so we will be going for the IUI tomorrow. Wish us luck I am on CD13 right now and very anxiously waiting this O. I am excited about this month as well but i am not going to look into every little symptom or atleast i am going to make a good effort not to. LOL Welcome Nikki and melissa it sure looks like we are all close in our cycles. My LMP was january 13th so wish me luck on catching my eggie tomorrow. Will keep you posted. Baby dust to all ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


izechsmama - January 25

To MELISSA gosh thats so wierd... i had mine removed due to cysts... you'd actually consider having another one??? i wont suggest it to anyone.... and i would never get another one.. well ladies.. i am just waiting for my dr to call me about my blood test.... very anxiously waiting.. the sleeping aids she told me to take are doing the exact opposite.. they keep me up and i wake up a thousand times a night... its like the reverse... but anyways... i'll keep you all posted...


melissap - January 25

to izechsmama I really had no major problems with my IUD except it made my body think I was preg and I wanted another. I have heard the horror stories on the preg complications thread but for 3 years I had no side effects or periods and NO HORMONES no PMS my body feels like it is at war with itself or I am preg. Mybb's are so sore and are popping out my bra, also (TMI)- I have bumps all over my nipples-what is up with that?? I know I have 2 kids but I really forget everything.


bsing123 - January 25

I had another temp jump this morning, so I'm pretty sure that I'm 2dpo!!! Yippie!!! Hurry up and join me.....


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 25

bsing I will be joining you soon and congrats on Oing I have my IUI in the morning at 930 am so i will let you know how it all goes. GL to all



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