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izechsmama - January 30

CONGRATS TO CASEY WHO IS PREGGO WITH TWINS!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU GIRL! Well here we are ladies... a new thread... havent Oed yet to my knowledge... but if we did we shoulda caught it... this is the distraught time, many of us will enter our tww soon.. and its gonna stink!!! But i'd rather be waiting in the TWW then waiting to O... so come on LETS GO!!!


bsing123 - January 30

Amen to being in the TWW!!!


izechsmama - January 30

bsing are you in your tww yet? did you O girlie?


DANI - January 30

Ok, I'm almost on cd 20 and these d__n OPK's aren't working for me either. UGH!!!!!! But I have been feeling some kind of a weird twing feeling in the right lower right ovary area. BUT, not putting too much thought into this one at all! Also too....I know TMI, but I did a cervial check and out came watery, clear, with light cream cm, and my cervix seems to be low & soft right now. Is this how it feels a week before af is due? I'm due to start in about 7 days. And does anybody know what kind of cm is normal a week before af? Alrighty, I'll check back after lunch.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 30

Congrats CaseyB on your two bundles of joy yayyyyy!!!!! Boy did you get the baby dust LOL. Well hoping for the rest of you to O soon I am in the 2ww already 5dpo doesnt seem like it should be there already. It really seems to be going fast this month( i am knocking on wood now). i will keep you guys updated


DANI - January 30

Where is everyone? I'm bored at work and have time to chat...hehe..


melissap - January 30

Well af has arrived. started spotting tonight but no cramps I guess we will see in the am. If so on to the next cycle. Bought some ovulation prediction strips to try. so hopefully it will help and this IuD hasn't screwed too much up. I am going to the doctor to see if I have an ovarian cyst b/c I still am really bloated and look really preggo. Good luck to everyone watiing to O and the ttw


DANI - January 30

melissap , sorry af arrived. That has to be the worst news, huh? I have one week before I'm due for her. I'm really hoping she doesn't show. I'm not getting my hopes up though. How is everyone else doing? Ok, I think I found my cervix and it is high and hard. Not soft. I think I was feeling something else....duh! I don't know what the hell I'm looking for....lol. It felt like it was way up there towards the other end (if you know what I mean) would that be the correct location?


izechsmama - January 30

DAni.. thats what your cervix should be during o and after.. until AF it will drop... last cycle my cervix was so high all through the middle of my cycle and after.. and then my cervix dropped like a few hours before AF like a half a day before... so thats a good sign that you just ovulated or maybe are getting ready to... i still havent had anything going on... i kinda feel like my period is coming.. maybe this is O?? who knows


DANI - January 31

izechs, I sure hope your right. dh & i just had our last sesson of b'ding.....he is leaving for another short business trip tomorrow. but I think if we did catch anything it would be right now or earlier. so i'm not too worried about him taking off. my af is due in 7 days.....i sure hope i've already o. so is your cervix located towards the back? or is it towards the front and it feels kinda mushy? i sound like an ignorant teenager, huh? too funny that an almost 31 yr women can't figure out where her cervix is.....haha.


izechsmama - January 31

hey Dani.. my cervix is right in the middle.. high up there.. and it feels like a little circle and almost like a round set of lips... its very different from the rest of your v____a so its noticable... if you check during menstruation thats the easiest time because your cervix is lowest then... well i think i'm out for pregnancy.. for sure.. i just determined that i have bacterial vaginosis... here i was thinking its a yeastie and i was off.. i was wondering why it didnt seem like an official yeastie.. i guess BV in most cases has to be cured by antibiotics.. but this has been recurring for me for a few months now.. and i'm gonna try the natural approach first.. i never have any symptoms of anything after my period is gone.. so i think it kinda flushes me out when AF is here.. and then comes back.. so i'm gonna start taking vitamins and eating lots of yogurt to replace good bacteria.. BV can make v____al fluids very acidic.. so i think that might be a part of why we havent concieved.. i read that it should not cause someone to not concieve as long as you are still producing cm that can carry spermies.. which i am.. but i'm gonna count myself out.. i'm gonna BD cause i want to and i'm done with my opks.. i really dont see it happening for us.. if it does, its a miracle and thats awesome.. but ya know.. at this point i've already been devastated twice... i'm done... but i'm gonna stick around and root for you ladies.. i wont offically leave until AF comes next time around for me... so hurry on up and bring those bfps with you... i'm waiting!


CaseyB - January 31

Thanks everyone! Twins do run in the family. I conceived naturally - I have two friends who both had miscarriages and conceived three months later like I did and are both having twins too. I have heard you are more fertile the first few months after you miscarry. I am such a wreck - after seeing them both and seeing their heartbeats I will be so devastated if anything happens to either of them. I am in a two week wait too - waiting for my next ultrasound so I will wait with you guys! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you caught your eggs!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 31

Hey ladies how is everyone today? Well, I am doing pretty good just having a few cold like symptoms but i am not really reading to much into that since our weather here has just been crazy. I am hoping that AF does not show her face on the 8th. I will be testing on the 4th and the 6th of february I will keep you all posted. Have a good day


melissap - January 31

well definitley af so i guess onto next month. Good luck girls with your ovulation and ttw. Lets see some BFP's.


izechsmama - January 31

Well i used my last OPK today.. and got a big fat +... so i dont know where that puts me.. we bedded yesterday but with the bacterial infection i dont know that i can get preg... i read it shouldnt affect a person from concieving but its in my own head that my chances arent great... so i'm officially in the tww i guess...


bsing123 - January 31

Hey girls! I'm 8dpo. I'm having backaches, headaches, and cramps. I'll be testing soon. Will keep you posted!!


bsing123 - January 31

Izechsmama, you're still in!!!



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