Quot April Is The Month Quot Part 3

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sqeekers - April 14

Good morning ladies. I thought I would start a new thread for us the other was getting a little long to scroll thru. How is everyone doing, and who all is testing this weekend? I know domesticgoddess might test Sunday, good luck we will be thinking about you. As for me I am 2dpo and dreading the next 2 weeks :) Hope everyone has a good weekend, and babydust!!!


Kelly11 - April 14

Hello ladies! I thought I'd keep posting right along with you all through April/May until we leave since I love chatting!!! I am on cycle day 5 now, with a looooooong way to go, but I know it will come fast : ) I am going to get another one of those easy read smiley face opks to start testing on the fourteenth because they worked like a charm for me last time! Good luck on your 2ww sqeekers...hopefully you will get your bfp this go around! How long have you been ttc? And is this your first? Well hope to hear some really good news from you all very soon. Domestic and JenE how are you both doing???


sqeekers - April 14

Kelly, we have been ttc for almost 3 years (July of this year will be 3 exactly). I have children with my first husband, but my dh now doesn't have children and we desperatly want to have atleast one. This is the first month since we started ttc that things actually look promising. I have tried clomid a couple years ago with no luck and each month my body just doesn't want to cooperate with me. This month looks good tho.


JenE - April 15

Hi ladies. I go tmy BFP this morning. I wasn't supposed to test until tomorrow but I just couldn't wait. I was a clear blue digital and it said "PREGNANT". Kelly and Sqeekers I really hope that you get your ++++'s I would like to hang out hear until you girls get you bfp.


sqeekers - April 16

Congrats JenE. Did anyone else test this weekend?


ashley - April 16

yay jen!


sqeekers - April 17

Morning Ladies. Well best I can figure I am 5dpo, and got up yesterday and today wanting to puke. My temps are still up, so I am hopeful this time. This is how my pregnancy started out with the m/c I had and when I was pregnant with my now 8yo son. BB's are tender but not too sore. Oh and Saturday I was having some wierd muscle pulling in my lower abs. I know its early, but like I said this is about the time it started with my 2 other pregnancies, so we will see. I got bfp's with those both at around 8dpo, but I am gonna hold out to test until next weekend hopefully :) Babydust!!!!!


Kelly11 - April 17

JenE---CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! I just about cried for you when I saw that you posted a big fat positive post!!!!! I am sooooo happy for you. How are you feeling? I really hope that I get my BFP next month so we can hang out in the first trimester board together! Squeekers you are sounding like you are having some positive symptoms! Let us know for sure if you have any other things that come up! : ) Well girls, I will chat with you all soon...again, JenE I am SO happy for you and I can't wait to hear how things are going!!!


sqeekers - April 17

The only other things I have had today was a slight nose bleed out of the blue, and my throat has gotten progressively sore this afternoon. This is really strange for me since I am not having any sinus or allergy problems right now, and it has come on suddenly. My bb's are as sore this afternoon as they were this morning, but I am having some wierd muscle cramps and pulling in my stomach and pelvic area. My cp is high, closed tight and soft. I hate waiting, patience is not a virtue I possess.


JenE - April 17

I am so excited. I am going to go to the lab and get the quant_tative test done just to check my levels. My dh doesn't want to believe it until that comes back good because of what happened last month. Well I am pretty positive that this is going to stick the next 38 weeks. Wow that is a long time. Sqeekers, sounds like you are pregnant. Let us know for sure though. Kelly, I really hope you get your positive next month. I will hang out hear until you both can move to the first trimester thread with me. BABYDUST!!!!!


sqeekers - April 18

Morning all, I am feeling particularly horrible this morning. My sore throat has gone from just annoying to feeling like I am coming down with something (joy). I got up feeling sick to my stomach this morning again. It's like I need to throw up but its stuck about half way up my throat (sorry I know its gross). My temps are still up so I am trying to stay positive until this weekend. I told dh last night that I feel like its probably all just pms, and af will show her ugly head early next week. The big difference between what I am having now and pre-af feelings is no migraines. My bb's are sore again this morning, I feel like I have been working out and the muscles under my arms all the way across my chest are stiff and sore and my nipples are sensitive to any touch. Anyone else having symptoms or gotten results yet? Babydust to everyone!!!!!


sqeekers - April 18

So where is everyone? I am sitting here at work starving because i made my lunch, sat down to eat, and almost threw up all over my desk. I want to eat but the thought of actually having to put something in my stomach right now is nauseating. I'm seriously hoping this is gonna be a ++++ month and I don't have some wierd stomach flu.


Kelly11 - April 19

Good morning ladies! How are you doing sqeekers? You sure sound like you have some very encouraging symptoms! When are you going to test?? JenE have you gotten your levels back yet??? I can't wait to hear that everything is progressing perfectly for you! How are you feeling by the way? I'm only on cycle day 10 today so I have about 5 more days before I will whip out my opks : )


sqeekers - April 19

I am feeling much better today, had a little nausea this morning, bb's arent as tender today as they have been, which is kind of discouraging. My temp was up a lot higher this morning than it has been, and I have been having some heavy mucousy discharge all morning (TMI sorry). My cp is incredibly high this morning, could just barely get a finger tip on it, so that is encouraging. I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up, but you know how it is. Oh and I have developed incredibly large blue/green veins on my bb's in the last couple of days. I can usually see some small ones before AF, but these are huge veins that almost stand out. I am on dpo 7 today, and I thought I might test a little early on friday morning. We are supposed to be going out of town for the weekend and it would be great to get a BFP before we leave. I will keep you posted. Babydust!!!


JenE - April 19

Hi girls. I got my levels back yesterday. They were 295 which puts me at 4-5 weeks. I am going in tomorrow to get another test to make sure that the levels are doubling. Hopefully they are. Sqeekers I do hope you get your positive on Friday. I took a cheapie and got a really faint line on cd 28 then took the clear blue digital on cd 29 and got a BFP that wasn't able to be mistaken since it says "Pregnant". Kelly I hope that things work out for you this time around. Well I will let you know tomorrow what my levels are.


sqeekers - April 20

Sounds like everything is going good Jen. My temp dropped this morning, and I am feeling incredibly ***tchy. I hope this isn't af showing up early.Guess I will know tomorrow when I check my temp. Babydust!!


Kelly11 - April 20

Hey girls...JenE I am so excited that your levels are so high and I hope for you that everything is great today when you get your results back! Make sure to let us know : ) Squeekers good luck testing on Friday...I'll be thinking of you for sure!!! I definitely know how it is to try and try to not get your hopes up---but it's so hard when we're reading every sign. It's natural, don't worry! I don't know what your girls religious viewpoint is, but for me I have really been working on giving it to the Lord and trusting that when it is His time it will happen for us. I almost think that He is teaching me patience : ) And honestly I know a lot of people have been praying for me and for a calm mind about this and it has truly helped. I have been more relaxed and working on my relationship with Him has really helped me to let go. I will definitely keep both of you in my prayers! Talk to you girls soon...



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