Quot Knew Quot As The Day Of Or Week

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Ashh - October 11

Did anyone carrying twins KNOW they were pregnant as soon as it happened? I am wondering if I am the only one who had twins, and knew from the second on that I had conceived...and if that made the difference in the amount of time it took to KNOW, before really knowing. Anyway, anyone else have weird symptoms?


Nick - October 11

How did you know as soon as you were pregnant? What symptoms did you have?


Ashh - October 11

I was instantly queezy to begin with. (A few days after C ) And aside from the very early sore (and veiny) b___sts, it was more of a gut feeling, and the early symptoms conformed it before the HPT.


Nick - October 11

I am having the same symptoms from October 6th, The day after I was suppose to have ovulated. Thinking that this is way too early to have symptoms, I was thinking that I may have ovulated a week early. I am not listening to my gut, because I don't want to be disappointed.


Ashh - October 11

Did anyone notice any weird symptoms WAY before expected (e.g. the week of )?


milissa - October 11

I knew from the get go to. my nipples got alot darker and around them did to and bigger (nipples) also my face got oily I could not put on lotion. very tired" all negitive test 13 1/2 weeks later felt movement and have a heart beat, ( my second ) read about my forum I was right, test were wrong"


Amber - October 12

Is anyone here pregnant with twins? And if so, how were the symptoms opposed to one baby? Please reply.


Sasha - October 12

I'd like to know too, if anyone knew they were pregnant RIGHT after getting pregnant.?. It seems tooooo soon to know, but I hear about it all the time!


Bump - October 13

Bumping it up. I am doing a study on the female body, and I was wanting to know if those out there experianced any "unusual" symptoms, and would otherwise not be explained? Please respond!


i had a weird one - October 13

yeah i had my periods all the way through my pregnancy and not one pregnancy test came out possitive either and i only looked pregnant at night but not during the day for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. hope this helps



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