Quot Lotion Quot C M This Morn Pg

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dea - May 22

hi all- 7 dpo and found "lotion" c/m this morning. not too many other signs. small dip in temp (implantation??) very gassy. thoughts?


no name - May 22

is the lotion cm like pastey?


kate - May 22

i also have a white pastiness---i am due any day for af--fell bloated !!!! and ga__sy !!!! and wet ---at times i fell like af arrived because it feel wet....but when i do a panty check it is not so wet.


dea - May 22

the cm is more like lotion. this morning it was slightly pasty- makes me think that AF is on her way. also- my temp is still low. i'll just have to keep waiting. this 2ww kills me every month. my BH and i have been trying for a year now. it can be tough to stay positive. thanks to all of you- reading your information/stories helps keep me sane!


dea - May 22

hi kate: any other signs? the gas part was a surprise to me...didn't expect that aspect! neither did my DH, but i told him that it was at least a sign of pg!!! :o)


kate to dea - May 22

well--i try not to read into signs---because sometimes i think our minds get to us with all these signs---my cm is white egg whiteish---pasty lotiony...i hope to get a bfp--my dh and i are ttc...but i dont think it will be bfp--my af is due any day--i am confused about when i should test ....


Marussia - May 22

Becuase pregnancy tests are so d__n expensive and because a false negative can be rather misleading and depressing, you want to test as close to when AF is due. Also you should always buy the First Response tests because they say you can test up to 4 days before AF. I would still wait til at least 2 days before and do it in the morning when you will have the most amount of pregnancy hormaone in your pee stream...


dea - May 22

i agree with Marussia. the tests can add up- after a year of trying and testing i definately know that part of it. it's so hard for me to wait though and i usually end up trying 4 days before expected AF. i have heard that first response is the most sensitive. if AF is due any day- test now! i also have noticed that after testing is when AF arrives! go figure... ha! so if you're tired of waiting for her- test. she usually shows up for me the next day... hope all goes well! let us know.


Marussia to Dea - May 22

Wow! The same thing happens to me! I always get AF the day after an HPT. I guess it's because after you test and you get a BFN you instantly relax knowing that you aren't pregnant and can stop waiting and looking for signs. Makes you realise how much of our energy is consumed by waiting to test and wondering if we're pregnant this time...



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