Quot Midnight Quot Sickness

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Carrie - August 19

Hello! I am due for AF today and I hope that she doesn't come! I have been experiencing sore bbs, more frequent night peeing, hunger, cramps and for the past 2 nights at midnight, I have been woke up by terrible, TERRIBLE cramps/twinges in my abdomen. Feels like AF pain, but I never get it before she arrives. It only lasts for a few hours and goes away? Anyone ever experience this before??? Any advice?? Thanks so much!


Emily - August 19

I am about 9 weeks along I have all the symptoms you said. I have that problem if I am up late then I start having bad pains in my abdomen it was the same way last time I was pregnant. The pains at night started when I only a couple of weeks along. Hope this helps I would take a test if you dont start-make sure you take it in the morning with the first morning urine.


Dee - August 19

that is so weird cause i almost been experiencing the same thing as you. i been mostly dizzy and nausa around midnight (when i am trying to sleep). Sometimes all that at different times. Lately I been getting a lil stuffy in my nose. Like I get it while laying down. Then goes away after 20 min to an hour. I took a hpt today and got a dark line and right beside it after waiting the 1 to 3 minutes the test said, a white line. Dunno what that means, though. Hoping for a BFP. *****baby dust to all*****


Carrie - August 19

Oh Girls I'm so glad I am not the only one experiencing this!!! You've made me feel a lot better! (and raised my hopes for a BFP!) I want to take a test tomorrow, but am SO nervous. My DH and I have been trying for so long that I am so scared to be disappointed!! I think I will go to wal-mart and buy a good test. I have a dollar store one here, but is that one good enough? Are there any you would recommend? Dee-what kind did you use? Good luck!!! Thanks for writing!


Dee - August 19

I used a dollar store brand one. But after that invalid test. I retested and got a verrry faint colored line. If I am preggo I'd either be almost 3 months or almost 1 month along. So I dunno yet anyway.


Carrie - August 19

Dee, what do you mean 1 month or 3 months?


girl with problem - August 19

i think it is stress that is gettin me..i think i pregnant but i dont know until this week..i feel dizzy.like throwing up and while i was having s_x i couldnt even have it cuz my abdomen was killin me it kept hurting badly i also have this mucos thing that comes out of me look at my other forum under general pregnancy questions under prec_m and c_m.i need help


To Girl with problem - August 19

Hmmm. I don't know. When is af due? Are you ttc? I know when I ovulate, I have the mucous AND so much pain in my abdomen that it hurts too to have s_x. So, it sounds to me like you are O.


girl with problem - August 20

what is af and O means ovulation? so if i had s_x during ovulation unprotected do i get pregnant



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