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TTC - October 18

I've heard of men not being able to perform under the pressure, but it seems like ever since we have decided to try for another baby I've been thinking too hard about it or something and can't get myself "ready". I always heard about couples trying for months or even years before being able to concieve and I guess I finally figured out why that may be, it's hard when you are under pressure. Does anyone have ideas on how I can relax? Or maybe just suggest some safe lubricants that can make things easier. This all seems so silly to me as my son is a result of one broken condom :P


: P - October 18

Maybe you should drink or ask your husband to do your favorite moves! I once had a guy pretend to put on a condom, maybe he could do that to put your mind at ease!


TTC - October 18

Haha, well it was funny the other night because he used a lubricated condom and it broke! Same thing that happened when we concieved our son, but it was a couple days after ovulation so right now I need some more ideas for next month :P


Grandpa Viv - October 18

Rent a movie that turns you on, have a relaxing bath, get a preliminary back ma__sage. I have seen arguments both ways, but in my opinion saliva properly applied is an appropriate lubricant. Good luck!


TO TTC - October 18

Why don't you have a month free and not spend time working out when you ovulate and just relax and have fun with each other. I understand that it can become obsessive if you are only concentrating on that particular time of the month , we all do it.Why not go out afew nights have a nice meal and get into the mood without thinking is this the right time or not and just go with the flow? I know its difficult because like all of us you want it so bad but have s_x when you want and spice it up!!


loky - October 18

use preseeed its wonderful . I am dry and you can use it 15 min prior to s_x or use it right before s_x and it feels so natural and you'll never know the difference. It is sperm friendly. There are testimonies as to people getting pregnant on it. I'm not one i'm still trying but i recommend it .



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