Quot The Secret Quot And Getting Pregnant

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maddiesmom - March 12

Okay, did anyone see Oprah when she did a show on "The Secret". It is basically the belief that if you put out positive energy that you will be more likely to have what you believe happen to you. For instance, if you say to yourself, "I will get pregnant this month," instead of "I hope I get pregnant or maybe I'll get pregnant" that it will more likely happen for you or if you think "I'll never get pregnant", what you think will most likely happen. I don't know how I feel about this thought. A friend of mine is reading and following the info int the book and mentioned it to me for TTC. She has recently had a lot of good fortune(new boyfriend, new house, selling old house easily, etc.) all which could be coincidences, but she's swears it's her new "secret". What do you all think about this? Can positive thinking really make a difference?


Daynae79 - March 12

i heard this too. I read an article on it!!!


LIN - March 12

I always optimistic about getting pregnant, and it still hasn't done me any good 19 cycles later!


VenusdiMilo - March 12

Maddiesmom, it’s interesting you posted this ;-) My DH just finished reading this book and I’m now going to read it. We’ve always believed in positive thinking but we don’t always practice it well, he said this book opened his eyes to a lot of things and it makes you “think” before you “act”. I personally believe that positive thinking can change things. It’s very simple, what you put out is what you get in return.


soimpatient - March 12

I know that this might sound hokey and a lot of people might not believe me but 2 months before I got my bfp I watched the Secret...and watched it again...and again. I pretty much had the movie memorized. I tried very hard to change my att_tude not only re: ttc, but life in general. I also started seeing a naturopath who also believes in the mind/body connection. I started feeling better and less depressed and after 16monts of ttc, I finally got my bfp. I don't know if it has anything to do with "the secret" but I figure that it definitely doesn't hurt to try to have a positive att_tude in an attempt to attract positive things into your life.


2ndtimeround - March 12

I'm trying my best to have that att_tude this cycle round. A little bit of positive energy never hurt anyone.... =)


Martha31 - March 12

ok this is impossibly weird....I just got this movie as a gift from DH on the weekend! I will defienitely watch it tonight...and perhaps more than one in the near future:)you never know, it may work!!


Natasha - March 12

there is a lot to be said for positive thinking, however, I always believed, even though I have PCOS that I would get pg and have found out that my dh has no spermies so it didn't work for me.


sher123 - March 12

i think i'm pregnant but not sure i have a heria with my frist child would it be ok to have another child.


Martha31 - March 12

hernia happens. I would not worry about this too much. Consult your gyno if in dubt GL !:)


VenusdiMilo - March 12

Oh, I forgot to mention that we’re getting the DVD as well. I can’t wait to watch it.


BeccaBaby1 - March 12

I'm glad this came up. We've got to encourage each other! I saw part of that Oprah show but not enough to know what the book/dvd was about. I grew up with a book called "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews that is all about controlling your subconscious and deciding what you will do with every situation instead of a que sera att_tude. It's a great little book. I'm gonna read it again and check out the Secret too. Good topic!


Martha31 - March 12

DH is so positive. Alsways!!! He is encouraging me and he is incredibly suportive. I think that I am a very strong person...at work!!...but when it comes to babies ...I lose it easily!:(


HeavenisMine - March 12

It's funny, because I absolutely did not believe I was pregnant last time! I was patiently waiting for my period, and lo and behold. I don't know, positive energy can certainly be helpful though!


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

I think it goes on the same belief that if you believe good things will happen they will and you make your own destiny. I would say its all faith and some people just have better luck than others so that will work for some people and not for others even though they are equally optimistic about "whatever" situation.


nikki11 - March 13

hey guys, im in australia and my parents introduced me and dh to the secret 2 months ago, we watched it once and have changed our way of thinking, i am seeing a chinese herbalist and after 11 months of ttc with irregular periods they are finally regulating also I HAVE A VISION BOARD WITH A BEAUTIFUL BIG PREGNANT BELLY ON IT AND ON MY DESK TOP A PICTURE IN THE CORNER OF ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL PREGGERS BELLY. so i beleive theres something to it. and instead of fingers crossed i'll be preggers soon im going to say tata by saying SEE YOU ON THE FIRST TRIMESTER Q&A SOON COZ IM GOING TO FALL PREGNANT IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS!!!! Good luck everyone xoxoxox


Martha31 - March 13

nikki11: I have seen "The Secret" yesterday. I think that this is the most amazing, well made, movie/doc_mentary that I have ever seen!!!! It definitely changes the way you think and it shows you how to look at your life in so much more positive way!!! It is amazing. I really recommend this movie to everyone. I am definitely setting my mind for getting pregnant really soon...I will choose some baby pics today and pront them to visualize them better and also I already have little "I will" stickers everywhere in my office.... GL to everyone!!! Lots of sticky baby dust!!!:) Keep in touch Nikki!!! I'd like to hear from you again:)



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