Really Werid For Me Sorry A Little Long

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JiLL - February 8

Ok well I got, my af? I dont know. I was 5 days late( was due feb 1st came 6th) and I am never late, really. One time last year I was 1 or 2 days late like 2 months of the year but after that I was regular. Now I was due af 1st and didnt see it. I all of a sudden on the 6th see brown dis, only in the bathroom. Then a couple hours later a light blood. I thought this was my af but it doesnt feel like it, I am not really cramping, I can recall only a couple of tiny cramps. Also my flow is really light, usually its heavy to medium. I didnt break out in acne and my bbs hurt! I am also worried that I might had a chem pregnancy since I have been reading different stuff online. And alos I suffered two M/c in a row. So what does my symtoms sound like to you?


JiLL - February 8

Sorry about my typing. I just got my nails done. hahaha..


krissy2006 - February 8

Honestly to me it just sounds like you ovulated late... either that or it could have been a chemical pregnancy which isn't anything to worry about (although very disheartening!!) Just remember to take the stuff you read online with a grain of salt. There is so much contradictory stuff and the only true stuff you can trust is your own experience and sometimes your doctor... LOL


JiLL - February 8

So that means I might of had 3 m/c? Great Im a freak....


JiLL - February 8

Well...really a chem preg is a m/c. If I had one more my doc has to test me. That is why I am so depressed if this may be a chemical preg. But I am not really having a Af so to say. I haven’t even taken up a pad!-sorry. I used tampons...and like 3 spots on it-sorry. I have no cramps at all, I feel so like 100,000,000 bucks. So I was hoping it was implantation sicne it is about 4 weeks after the end of my last ended jan 8. So I was hoping it was implantation.


Megs - February 8

Jill, I too am in a pretty similiar situation... Unfortunately, my cycles are so erratic that I don't know when "late" is for me... ANyways, I had two days of spotting prior to "AF" which I like NEVER have and today is my fourth day of light bleeding which again, I always have heavy/medium flow in the beginning and then it tapers off to light and then to spotting kinda at the end. I've had virtually no cramps as well and b___bs hurt too. I took a pg test this AM and BFN so I'm convinced I'm not pregnant and just being thankful for a LIGHT Af this go around! :-)


JiLL - February 10

Well, I am confused. I am still lightly bleeding but only noticed while at the bathroom. I dont need a tampon or pad! I dont have cramps or discomfort. I have a feeling that I am not having my Af but I am confused.


JiLL - February 10

Ok, its obvious that you people are here. So can someone please give me an opinon?


andysbabygirl - February 10

maybe its finally implatation bleeding. With my last preg, I missed my cycle but had brown sptting when af was supposed to be here.. nothing was ever on my underwear, only when i wiped. (tmi) So maybe u are really preg and the blood is finally coming out now. Go get a blood test or take a preg test


Kelsey - February 10

jill i'm having some really weird bleeding right now too :( i have no idea what's going on, I can only pray that it is pregnancy related!! it really doesn't seem like AF, but I'm pretty sure it probably will be ...


BrendaW - February 11

Chemical pregnancies are something to worry about if you have to many of them and they are devestating even if it is only one. They are miscarriages. But unless you tested and seen a positive there is no way to know for sure. Honestly this is why i think it is good to test early even if it does end in a chemical, because then at least you know it is happening and if it keeps happening see a doc about it because something isnt right. your body is killing your babies. I think this could be implantation for you so the best thing to do is TEST TEST TEST. First morning urine and an early HPT! Good Luck!! Good LUCK!!!


crackersforme - February 11

Jill....let us know when you test. That sounds VERY similar to what I went through. I was 6 days late...started with dark dark brown almost black blood..light spotting for a day (looked to me like it had some tissue in it, though...I had posted it looked like the raw beef chunks in wet dog food..but it'as actually more stringy), the next day (yesterday), the blood got redder (lighter), but was still just a medium spotting (I did need a liner the first two days) & today, the 3rd day..It's just there when I wipe & urinate, but more brown than red again with some stringy stuff need for any pad or liner. I'm really confused as I am never late, like you, & just don't know what's going on. Can implantation bleeding be THIS late?.....I guess if we ovulated late...I don't know. But am really curious as to what turns out with you. I had actually thought I was having a miscarriage, but after reading up on it am not so sure.



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