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AmyB - February 12

hope we get some BFPs this month :) man we have been together for 11 weeks...i think it is time for some more good news! hope everyone is well!


AmyB - February 12

i am still so cervix is very high, i can barely feel it...when i bring my figner out there is some lotiony white discharge and i am very soft..i dont konw what to think? i dont want to get my hopes up but i do feel like this is my month...


Lacey - February 12

AmyB I really hope you get your bfp. It sounds pretty promising. Sorry I do not post very often. I read the form all the time though. I have been feeling very moody latley. I try not to take it out on my DH. I hope I don't have mood swings this bad all the way through my pregnancy. The last two days I have been having a lot of pulling, and mild cramps. My lower belly muscles feel like I have been doing sit ups all day. I really hope this is all normal. My nose has also been very stuffed up lately. I feel like I am allergic to being pregnant, lol. I can't believe how fast this has gone though. It seems like it was just yesterday that I got my bfp. I will be 10 weeks Wednesday. I really hope we can get some more bfp this month. Kristen, I am glad to here you are ready to get back in the saddle A.S.A.P. It has got to be so hard though. I can't even imagine. Michelle, I hope your cycles get back to normal really soon. That would drive me nuts! HERES TO A LOT OF BFP THIS MONTH!!!!.........~~*BABY DUST*~~


Vicki - February 13

Morning everyone. Well I think that I am now 3dpo. I really hope that this is my month, I am already looking out for symptoms even though I know that it is way too early.


AmyB - February 13

Lacey i am sorry about the mood swings, although normal they suck....right before i found out i was pg with my first son i punched the garbage can b/c the lid would not stay on and then sit and cried b/c it then the next day i found out i was pg, my dh still laughs about that! the cramping and all that is normal, its the ligaments kinda stretching and getting ready! Vicki-good luck! i am 10dpo o today so i am going crazy....i just want to know...i read in one place the cervical position is a good indicator then i read in another it is not so i dont know what to think....but i am still very high, soft, and cm? so i think thats a good sign b/c it is abnormal for me to stay high that long...also, i am wet so i would think thats a good thing? but then i read on some of these sites that it is not a good indicator so i dont want to get my hopes too high! have a good day everyone!


AmyB - February 13

ok so i am an HPT junkie and i took a test i am so discouraged and i know that it may be to early but i read about people on here getting a faint pos at 10 dpo???? i dunno


michelle - February 13

amyb i know what you mean - i have never tested before af was late though. good luck, hopefully it will just take abit longer to produce the hcg hormone. baby dust


Emily - February 13

Lacey, teh pulling is normal. It is round ligiment pain. the ligiments that suport your uterus are being stretched as your uterus gets bigger as your baby gets bigger. The moody thing may go away or may come and go the rest of your pregnancy. It is hard telling. I too have a very stuffy nose. Also common in pregnancy. I am in week 22 (just pasted the week 21 mark) and I still have the stuffy nose. I run a humidifier at night cause it is so dry here and it helps to keep it so I can b__w my nose and that helps a lot. I have been getting a sore throat at night casue I have to breath through my mouth instead of my nose! AmyB, it may be too early for a bfp yet. I got neg at 11 dpo and my pos came at 13 dpo, so dont' get too discouraged....Good luck to vicki on the tww


Lacey - February 13

Emily, thanks, glad to here what I am feeling is all normal. Wow, you are already 22 weeks. Has it been going fast for you? Mine has so far. I hope it is like this with my whole pregnancy, but I bet it will get to the point where time drags by. It always does when one of my mares gets close to foaling. AmyB I did not get my bfp until 15dpo and it was so light I could hardly see it. At the time I took the test I thought I was 12dpo, but I found out at the Dr.'s that I O'd three days sooner than I thought. I have nic - named or ranch the pregnancy ranch, because My favorite mare is due to foal May 1st. My dog (who is like my kid) is due to welp April 10th, I am due September 13th, and our cows are due to calve in October. If you don't want to get pregnant, don't drink the water on our place, lol.


AmyB - February 13

thanks guys that boost my spirits a bit...i just hear of all of these women getting their BFP at 10dpo and i hope mine just isnt showing...


nikki - February 13

Hello ladies. Sounds like you all have had a pretty good day. AmyB-i hope you get your bfp soon. Don't get discouraged i know women who didn't get a bfp until like 16 or 17 dpo. SO, it could just be too early. I am test junkie too. Lacey, sorry about the mood swings. Vickie, good luck i hope you get your bfp. I am now 3 cd. I ordered an internet combo pack that comes with opk and hpt. Those should be in soon. I will start using the opk friday. I hope this is my month. talk you ladies later


Vicki - February 14

Hi everyone, thanks for the luck, hopefully it will be my month. I feel very normal at the moment but then I'm still only about 4dpo. Last month my bbs started feeling sore on the evening of 4dpo so I'm now not sure if I want them to start up over the next day or so or not as maybe for me them not hurting is a sign that I'm pregnant or maybe they will just hurt even more *grimace* Lacey have you ever considered selling your water to the rest of us, you could make a serious fortune here! lol! Amy when you tested yesterday did you use emu as I think even the hpts designed to pick up the hormone early recommend that?


AmyB - February 14

vicki i didnt use fmu...i am testing tomarrow with fmu, which will put me at 12dpo so i am hoping....i really feel pg..i am so tired, last night i woke up at 4 in the morning with my stomach growling and i ate a bowl of cereal...thats not a normal thing for that a sign? i dont remember having that with my boys but its been a few years...also i am wanting to eat more and i dont know if that is a sign this early or not? well i guess we will have to wait and see...i dont want to get my hopes up too high but i really feel like this is my month..i have that feeling?! i hope i am right... thanks for the encouragment nikki...i need it...yesterday i was really feeling down, but the more i think about it i was only 10dpo with afternoon urine so hopefully i will get my BFP in the morning....pray for me...good luck vicki :)


AmyB - February 14



AmyB - February 14

sorry ignore that guys! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


kristen - February 14

hey all just wanted to pop in and say hi.i am going to the dr 2morrow so i will find out how long she wants us to wait ti trying again hopefully all goes well..i am feeling good and ready to start trying again hope everyone is doing well talk to u all soon!!


Vicki - February 15

Morning everyone. amy how did you get on with testing? Kristen what did the doc say, I hope that it was good news. Well my bbs aren't sore yet which they were by this time last month although they do feel a bit weird, kinda like they're just reminding me that they're there. I'm hoping that this is a good sign.



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