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penny - July 15

do dollar store hpt's work like they are supposed to? I am having all of these preggo symptoms and I bought two dollar store hpt's and they both said no. What do you ladies think?


Jodi - July 15

I was wondering the same thing except I've takin like 3. I've got so many symptoms it's not even funny! I just hope maybe it's to early! baby dust to you! Good luck and many prayers!


to penny and jodi - July 15

I took 2 and they are also negative. I'm sorry to say, that I trust them. They are sensitive down to 25 MiU, that's really super low. In fact, they should pick up pregnancies several days before AF is even due. I know there are always sooome exceptions, but I know I just have to face it. It doesn't matter what brand I'm going to splash out on, I am not pregnant this month.


anna - July 16

I have been wondering the same thing. because for almost $3 I can get HPT's at the dollar store by my house, and I feel that if I can get them somewhere cheaper, I would like to. So is it okay to trust them?


Mel - July 16

There was a thread like this last month and that is where I found out about the $ store hpt's. Everyone on that thread had said they think those tests are very reliable and one of the more accurate tests you can buy because it is so sensitive. I have used them twice so far to check for pregnancy, but no luck just yet! So save yourself some money and use them. I think they're accurate.


KimberlyM - July 17

Yea, I think I was a part of that thread Mel was talking about. I think most of us determined the $store tests are more sensitive than some of the brand names. Baby dust....


kim - July 20

i used to work at a dollar store (and i know its very wierd, i know) but people there would take them just to see if they were right and usually got a false answer, a girl that was a virgin took it and it said it was postive and even some guys had the same expeirence. but then again some people swore they were very reilable and bought them all the time. i tired once and it said it was negative when it was so its really up to you. i'd said try them but if you don't trust it, buy name brand or have a doctor do it


mel - July 20

i have used the for both of my pregnancies and they were accurate. they were also accurate when i wasn't pregnant but thought i was. if you go to they list hpts and they're reliability.


Colleen - July 22

I checked out & I have heard some good things about them. I hope so. I bought 5 today. I'm test crazy & would like to save some $. Usually I buy Answer from Walmart. They are about $3.50 each. Good luck everyone!!



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