Strange Happenings With Period

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Shawna - July 28

Well here goes...It all started June 3 I got a lighter then usual period (on time), didn't think much of it. Then exactly one week later my bbs swelled(complete with blue veins) and were hurting, I was nauseas,cramping,metalic taste in mouth, gassy, indigestion, headaches. Since I have 2 children I recognized the symptoms right away, took hpt and was bfn. Then on June 20 started spotting (never happened before..I am so regular on a 28 day cycle), a day after it stopped I had one drop of light pink on my liner. I went to the doc and he told me I must not have ovulated the previous month. Then my July period was 12 days late..and very light and short..I use the term "period" loosely bc I'm not sure..never has this happened before. I took a hpt on the 5th day and it was bfn. I can understand the weird period but why all the pregnancy symptoms? Since this all started I have been all the above plus very bloated. I am not ttc but wouldn't mind either. I am in my 30's and was wondering if a hormone imbalance can trigger such strong pregnancy symptoms? Oh, my doctor is reluctant to do a blood test because he did my tubal years back. I feel like I'm going crazy! Anyone else going through this??? Baby Dust to all you beautiful ladies ttc!!!


J - July 30

Ok I also had a tubal done 3 1/2 years ago. I have all the symptoms of being pregnant to. I went to the doc and was told I have a cyst. It is what is probably causing my symptoms. Well I finally started my . 3 days ago and yes it seems to be regular but still have all the symptoms. Not sure why. Maybe the cyst is still causing it or maybe I am pregnant. I figured I would wait until my next cycle due aug 24 and see what happens and go from there. Most likely not pregnant but have never felt this way before except in pregnancy. I'm confused.


very concerned - July 30

i just asked a similar question...and i am having the SAME thing...i dont know what to think at this point...all HPT's are negative, but i have cramping, and i feel light-headed, and sick to my stomach a lot. i am unable to see my doctor until i will let you know what i might find out...but who knows. good luck to you, and sorry i couldnt be of more help...just wanted you to know that you are not alone! take care


alisha - July 31

wow, I too l have been experiencing the same thing, except period was 4 days late, had light pink flow for a week, then have been bleeding almost a normal flow for 6 days now. Period is usually normal and regular. I too have been light headed and slight cramping here w/ in past few days but not enough to require pain meds like normal period. Also took 2 hpt and both were neg. I too am 35, and check this out...I had a tubal 9 years ago ( snipped and cauterized) and 3yrs ago had a reversal...had them put back together....INteresting?? I too feel nauseous...


Shawna - July 31

Hey..glad to hear I'm not alone...I looked up the symptoms of cysts (PCOS) and nothing pointed to pregnancy symptoms except the irregular periods. Good Lord, I'm so confused. J, did your dr do an ultrsound to find the cyst or did he just do a pelvic exam? I went and had a pelvic when this all started and he said nothing of a cyst (to early to tell if I was pg). He just said "Well, as u get older...blah..blah..blah". I know thats not whats causing this. Here are all my symptoms...Dizziness, metalic mouth,nausea,dreams,bloating, teeth hurt, sore bbs, on and offf swelling bbs, indigestion, and all this started a week after my june period. When this all started my stomach was flat( I'm 103 lbs and work out so I had abs) now I got a belly and my abs are gone. Good luck to all of u ladies, I guess eventually we'll all know for sure, keep me posted.



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