Symptoms Sooo Soon

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Daisy - November 16

My period is due this weekend (I am on day 25 of my cycle - I have a 28 day cycle)... but I would be suprised if she comes. My husband and I were casually trying or as he puts it... practicing (I think he just liked the act of practicing). My areola is already darkened and I have white bumps on it and bbs hurt... my tummy is hardening I am exhausted, mild naseua, headaches and my cervix has already risen and softened. Could I already be having all these symptoms THIS early? Or would I have already been pregnant from last month? (last months period was only 2 days long) I took a few HPT's after my short period but negative. I am debating to run out and get one now or just wait till this weekend?! With my last pregnancy a HPT didn't pick up that I was pregnant - just the blood one. I know for sure I will make an appt. with the dr. next week... even if my period does come... cuz then I am obviously having some sort of horomone imbalance.


annaliese - November 16

if i was you i would be to excited i would have ran out to the shop already. If you can wait it out, see what happens,if not go! now! and let us know what happens!


Daisy - November 16

I am so fearful of disappointment. If it comes out negative.. I have no idea what I will think. And if I am JUST pregnant... there is a good chance I will only get a negative result. Not just that... they are too expensive ... I know if I don't get AF this weekend I will be buying one. Argh this waiting game isn't fun.


annaliese - November 16

know the feeling i'm in the same boat, i'm due on tomorrow! what country are you in?


Daisy - November 16

I am in the Netherlands and u?


annaliese - November 16

I'm in england. let me know when you get test done!


Daisy - November 17

I am really fighting hard not to buy a test... I just might buy a double pack today but take it tomorrow morning.... or maybe hold out till Friday. maybe TMI but... Last night after s_x I had a bit of blood - I never spot after s_x.... is this normal IF I am pregnant?


annaliese - November 17

not sure but think i came on my period yesterday ( a day early) i think it's wishful thinking hoping it's implantation bleeding.


Daisy - November 21

Well that lil bit of spotting turned into my "period" - but was very light again and only 2 days long. I went to my dr. and he doesn't seem to be concerned.... I guess I shouldn't complain... how many women would kill to have a light two day period with no cramping??? So now the waiting game continues....


Samantha - November 21

hey im in a similar boat to i am due 2moro but had a fair few symptoms, guess ill just wait and see


claire - November 21

hiya i am the same as you three playing the waiting game i dont know about your other halves but mine doesnt seem to undestand how stressfull wanting a baby is .Dont get me wrong he is the most amazing husband but i think he gets very p__sed off with me when i am upset when my period comes.for the last three months we have been trying and each month i have been convinced i am pregnant . This month however i do feel different but then again i think that every month . i have had cramping for the last two weeks practically straight after my last period, which incidently was a week early, i have felt very emotional and hot i keep tuning the heating off when my husband is not looking as i feel like i am going to melt. during s_x the other day i little bit of blood appeared but it was not like old blood that you get when your first come on it was fresh but a bit thick . i am not due on my period for about two weeks my cycle is approx 33 days does anyone know what is going on inside my body beacuse i am due as hell i dont!! oh yes and i have done afew pg test but they say negative



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