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Livvie - March 27

Hey guys. Would like to know your guys experiences on the following "less talked about" symptoms of first trimester pregnancy. 1)Mongomery glands around nipple 2) Veins on aerola 3)Nipples sticking out very much when in shower or cold 4) Hiccups and frequent burping 5) Very shiny skin 6) Dull itch all over body 6) Change in bowel movement 7) Weird feeling once in a while around belly button area. Anyone?


Sam - March 27

I am currently experiencing the veins symptom quite badly on b___sts above my b___sts on my arms shoulders even my eyes keep getting bloodshot! and im not sure what you mean by weird feeling but last night after i got in bed i felt some weird movement in my belly b___ton area like lots of little quick flutters it was sooo weird iv never had it before! I havnt got a bfp yet but if i was pregnant i would be around 12 weeks! Docs appt thurs! xxx


Amy - March 27

GL with you doc Sam , Wishing you the best come back and let us know what they said.


shauna - March 27

I am not sure if I am preggo, but the symptoms that I have are: loss of energy, crazy change in Bowel movement, the nipples thing, and also they turn white on the tip of the nipple when they are cold (never had this before), GASSY.. very ga__sy, fever, chills, blurry vision (only happened one day) and also bleeding twice in one month.. second time was brown and lasted only 3 days. My periods have always been regular. Good luck with everyone! keep me posted!


natalie - March 27

i have like a b___terfly feeling in my stomach and slight pain in my lower stomach please help am i pregnant i really want to be


shauna - March 27

And I have always loved foods... I have a high metabolism and am not picky so i usually eat whatever sounds good and lately I have come so close to throwing up just by the smell or sight of foods that I usually love.... kinda weird!


Shauna - March 27

natalie- if you were preggo, how far along would you be by now?


shauna - March 27

I just noticed that I have these little tiny bumps, maybe 4 or 5 of them around each nipple. I know that they have never been there before. anyone else? what does this mean?



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