Tick Tock Still Nothing

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Jeblina - June 8

I took a HPT one week ago today and it was a negative (which was a relief because I'm not looking to be pregnant again right now), but I still havent gotten my period...so now I'm approximately 11 days late. Now I'm starting to think of "worst case scenarios" like ectopic pregnancies, etc. Can you get a negative test result and have an ectopic pregnancy? Could my mind just be playing tricks on me and causing my period to be late? Should I test again? Advice please? I'm close to being in a state of panic! Thanks in advance!


Sylvie - June 8

Test again....see ur doc. and get blood test. That will tell for sure.


Jeblina - June 8

I can't see my doc....I'm on my parent's health insurance...I don't want them knowing anything until I know something for sure....HPT's will have to do for now I guess......


to jeblina - June 8

i think that even though you are on your parents insurance, you should still make a doctors appointment. you can talk with your doctor, and keep everything confidential, but if you are having an eptopic pregnancy, medical treatment is greatly advised. i also think that you could go to your local health department, and get a free pregnancy test, provided that you are in the u.s. good luck to you!


Jeblina - June 8

The Health Dept. is a great idea...I completely forgot about that resource!!! I'm aprehensive about going to my doc because what happens when my parents get the insurance statement saying that I went to my GYN? Then I'll have to explain....and that's just too complicated right now. I've been reading about symptoms of ectopic pregnancies, and I don't have any of the symptoms....but I'm SO stressed right now, I can't help but wonder about the worst possible situations. I didn't "feel pregnant" with my daughter (who is now 16 months old)....but something just doesn't feel quite right....or I feel different......of course, my mind could be playing tricks on me. Thanks for the advice!


Kel - June 8

Planned Parenthood is a good place to go. They offer some free services. Back in college I used to get free birth controll there. They will give you a test and help counsel and advise.


Jeblina - June 8

Thanks Kel.....I wish that I lived closer to a PP center...the nearest one is a little over an hour away.....but it still could be a good option for me, even with the drive. Do you think I should test again with a HPT....it's been a week since I last tested and got a negative. Or should I wait?


Kris - June 8

Jeblina, if it is an eptopic you would still test +, they cant tell if it is untill you around 6 or 8 weeks i think. they cant look for it till its bigger. And they hurt bad and you bleed sometimes. hope it helps


Jeblina - June 8

Thanks so much Kris...that's a HUGE relief to hear that....at least I can cross that off my "worry list". I'm going to take a HPT tonight again....hopefully it's just my nerves causing my cycle to be all messed up!


KEEKEE - June 8

Hi jeblina, It sounds to me that you took the test too early. I would take another test. Do you have a Dollar Store near you? If so, pregnancy tests are sold there. It would save you money. BTW, most women don't get pregnancy signs at first. I wouldn't go by pregnancy signs. Let me know what happen. Good Luck!!!


Jeblina - June 8

KEEKEE....thanks for the dollar store idea....I'll go check there tonight. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated when I finally get the nerve up to test!!!!


Jeblina - June 9

I took another test last night, and I got a negative! YAY....I'm relieved, but won't be 100% relieved until I start my period. Thanks for all your advice everyone!


KEEKEE - June 9

You are welcome!!!! Jeblina, stressing about being pregnant can cause a delayed period. I hope your period come soon. Good Luck!!!!!



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