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Coco - April 11

Hey Ginger, i tried and tried for about 4 days to post answers on here and it won't let me, i was about to respond thru a question, when i saw ur post LOL. Nope, still no BFP, but i am booked for an ultrasound soon( the prenatal ppl will call me for a date). I can still feel the movements, and i still don't know what else could cause them either, my doc was no help again. Im excited about the u/s but scared at the same time, because if nothin gis in there, i will feel rather foolish ( but rather safe than sorry..) How about u ? where are u at with the whole HPT's / pregnancy thing ? are u back on provera ? let me know ok.


Ginger - April 11

Coco! how have you been doing girl! Sometimes the site does that to us. It has happened to me several times. Im so glad to hear about your good news. As for me, I have not tested or anything yet. Today I have been having this dull ache on my left side, if it gets worse or continues overnight, I will go to the hospital. I have given up on the thought of being pregnant.......and hoping that my AF will just show up, but I keep having weird feelings. Like yesterday something was right under my rib, and it felt like it kept bumping into it. I still have pain in my nipples too. I promised myself that if AF does not come this month....then I will march my bottom straight to the doctors, No Excuses! LOL!


Ginger - April 11

I have been waiting so long to make an appointment, because I thought soon or later I would finally get my BFP. The doctor would most likely do tests to make sure Im not pregnant and then put me on medication to start my AF. Well the count down starts today. I hope I either get an BFP or my AF before the end of this month. I hope your Ultra sounds goes good, and I send loads of baby dust to you! Keep me updated. I'll be around time to time.


Sara - April 12

My sister did not get a positive on her pregnancy test until she was 4 months. Have faith and if you think something is not right with your body, then trust what you believe in.


bump - April 12



coco - April 14

hello all, Ginger , how is it going ? Still no sign of AF ? Have u gone to the hospital yet ? This is weird u know going through all this and still don't know if we're pregnant. I keep on thinking " what if it is all in my head ?" But the "kicks "are real, i don't waht , how or why i get them them but they're real. So how far along do u think u'd be ? U must be quite far if u say u felt something right under ur rib.When do u expect af then ? U should go to the doc. u know, better safe than sorry, that's why i insisted, i told her that i tested and got a BFP, since she wouldn't listen to me. i told her it could be cysts or fibroids, but to get the scan was the only solution. My belly has grown bigger within the past month, its a fact cos i cant fit in my pants now. Weird i know, and iam always hungry ( hubby finds it strange ) . Plz make sure u know for sure ur not pregnant b4 taking any medicine. Let me know ,ok.loads of baby dust to u too XX


Coco - April 14

Hey Sara, thx for the input. How did ur sister find out she was pregnant ? did she miss her periods ? It's horrible not knowing.It's always hard to beleive this kind of story until it happens to u personnally, though i know it does happen more than it is thought. We always figure it always happen to " others" ,lol, u know what i mean ? Ur right, i beleive we women know our bodies better than the docs and if something is not right, well....something mustn't be ! baby dust to u XXXX


Ginger - April 14

Hi Coco! How are you doing. I called to make an appt with a doc, the earliest they could squeeze me in would be next month. I quess it's because Im a new patient. Instead of going to my reg. doc......Im going to see an gyn/ob who specializes in pregnancy and all that good stuff. It seems like a long time to wait, but soon or later I will finally have my results. If Im am pregnant I think I would be about 13-16 weeks. I feel movement often after I eat or drink juice. its just too vivid to be all in my head. They told me to start taking vitamins just in case. I have already been doing that. Well I'll keep you updated. I'll be around.


Coco - April 16

Hey Ginger! I hear good news for u ! at last u'll get to see an ob/gyn. but next month seems like forever. Are u still testing ? i have given up on them, and i eve convincing myself that im crazy so when i go for the u/s, i wont be too sad/disappointed ! I'm a bit worry that it may not be a baby but rather something else( PCOS, fibroids etc..) though the docs say its not that because i dont cramp or heavily bleed. If they told u to take vitamins in case , that means there is a possibility that u might be.If u thing ur 13-16 wks, u must be showing then. Are u very thin ?But it is weird that u feel the kicks after eating or drinking, it cant be coincindence ! R u always hungry too ? i am, and i have to cut down on the food because my waistline has already doubled, so now im thinking, maybe im just getting fat and my muscles are stretching ans thats y i feel the flutters! I must say that ur medical system seems much better than mine !


coco - April 16

don't mind my typing, typed too fast and mixed all my words/letters. I'm tired that's y ( i always have a good reason lol ) I'll keep u posted too.


Ginger - April 18

Hi Coco! Hope you had time to relax this weekend. I have started to tell myself that Im crazy too, but I keep having these weird feelings in my stomach. My beast seem like they have gotten bigger and I do have a pouch. Im not sure if its because I have had a bigger appet_te or what! Like you, I was told that with fibroids or PCOS, you would have lots of pain or heavy bleeding. Early in the morning I always get hungry. I always get hunger pains in the early morning, and I used to never eat breakfast. I don't think that all this is due to me gaining weight or anything... because I have tingling nipples sometimes. Either way we will both have our answers soon. Maybe its just an hormonal imbalance. Let me know if you find out something new. And I'll do the same.


coco - April 19

Hi Ginger, well i guess i relaxed as much as i needed this WE ! lol how are u doing ? I now suffer from ma__sive headaches( migraines) ,it's horrible, maybe it's because i think about this all the time ! I have notice that if i dont eat i'll want to throw up !I get dizzy at times now too. Oh well, i must be extremely crazy ! I thought about cancelling the scan, because i feel stupid, but in another hand, i wanted it so bad, i may as well go ! I know i wouldn't be the first one it had happened to . If there's nothing in there, well.. there's nothing in there! I don't know about u, are u showing a lot ? I have a pouch, but i'm not huge, so i'm thinking, ummm...could i really be ?Mind u i never did show a lot,only at 5-6 mths for both.Did u show alot ? i look fat now, it's horrible! How do u look ? can u manage to hide ur "pouch" or not ? U do sound pregnant to me ( but then again, im no doctor ).Would u mind if u were ?I'm thinking that too u know, it's hormone imbalance! I thought when ur on BCP for yrs , it takes long to get out of ur system.Were u on provera for long ? I was not, i was for less than a yr. Strange !!! like u said, the truth will be revealed ! LOL - The truth is outthere! hee hee..


Ginger - April 19

I think that my pouch is noticeble. I did not really start to show until 4 or 5 months with my previous pregnancy. Not only am I often hungry, but I always have a desire for food that I normally don't eat. I had very bad headaches while pregnant with my DD. I don't think your going crazy. Something has to be going on. At first I did not want to be pregnant again until a few more years. Now Im praying that Im pregnant because I don't want it to be something worse. Or I dont' want to hear that I may have trouble concieving in the future or imagination runs wild at times. But after all of this, I think now would be a good time to have another baby. My DD will be off to preschool soon and Im comfortable in my job. If I find out that im not pregnant next month and that all is still well, I think I may start TTC.


Ginger - April 19

I was talking to a family member the other day and she told me that Lots of women have gone several months without knowing they were pregnant. She said the one of our cousins went into the ER due to bad cramping. When they checked her out the nurse said asked who was her OB because she was going in labor! She said that she did not know that she was pregnant. Had no signs or syptoms whatsoever. I did not get the full scoop, but she did have a health baby girl. Most of the family thinks that she did know...and was just keeping it a secret. Im not sure if you know about the Montel Williams show, but my cousin said that a few years back they had a topic about woman not knowing they were pregnant and how they finally found out. Crazy huh!


Informative - April 19 Copy and paste Hope this info helps you all.


Tonya - April 19

You know we are in the same situation, I feel movement all the time but my preg test was negative.


Ginger - April 19

Was this your first time testing? I could not get to the link above but hear is an article that is interesting.



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