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LadyD - February 12

I'm su[er bored & I was just going thru some old posts on here & some of them got the wheels turning in my head & now I 'm curious. If you had a "period" (yes, I know it's not an actual period- let's call it bleeding) & then found out you were pg, what was the blood like? Was it clotty AT ALL, did it have a period "look" (u know dark red, bright, etc), did it last as long as your "normal" af would, did it smell? Just curious!!


photoholic808 - February 13



margie - February 13

the first time i was pregnant i had a period and it appeared normal except that it was a lot lighter flow, but lasted about the same amount of time...mind you, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage :-( But with my daughter I had what seemed like a period but it started earlier, lasted a bit longer and again, never heavy enough to wear more than a panty liner...I did have small clots in mine, like a lot of little ones that came out when i went to the bathroom...I had a very painful implantation though, I mean, I FELT it when it happened and hurt so I bad I almost went to the turns out that I had a subchorionic hematoma which is a blood clot that forms during implantation which can potentially end the pregnancy (but my daugher is one tough cookie and her moms faith in god got us through)...just thought id share my experience with you. so ya, it can be clotty and even red and still be from implantation..good luck!


LadyD - February 15

Thx for replying margie. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but in turn you were blessed with your DD. My've been thru a lot but God still blessed you, be thankful for that! She's fine, you're fine, that's what matters. What happened with me is that I had surgery on 1/22 & af was due 1/21 but didn't show til 1/25 & only lasted 2 days!! It appeared "normal"- cd1 was moderate, red & cd2 was kinda like my "regular" cd4, meaning I only used maybe 4-5 tampons, which technically is enough to fill 2 (I change often b/c I am scared of catching TSS & I like to see how my flow is..weird?lol) I had a gut feeling af wasn't gonna be there the next day...& it sure wasn't!! My af's are ALWAYS 5 days, even 1 time when I had a stressful situation & I spotted brown instead of red for 5 days. I know all af's can be different, especially with the situation I was in, so I'm not really stressing it but I will wonder until my next "normal" af shows.


margie - February 15

i would go ahead and test if theres a possibility you can be pregnant because like i said, with my daughter it appeared pretty normal except lighter flow...then you will at least know one way or the other, because i a__sumed with my daughter i wasnt pregnant because the bleeding started around the same time as my period but when it never got heavier and i kept getting symptoms i decided to test and that was that! i am blessed with a beautiful daughter who is 2 months right now, she just had her 2 months check up today and she is perfect! good luck!


LadyD - February 17

Hey, margie. I'm so glad that you were blessed with your lil angel. I'm not having any symptoms- actually I have a huge loss of appet_te but that can be stress-related. I have a feeling my af will be late again this month. My fiance has been p__sing me off lately. I don't know..I don't wanna be disappointed..again...bfn's make me upset. I have a dr.'s appt this Tuesday the 19th for my yearly pap so I know she'll do a pg test when I tell her my situation & concern...I just know I'm not... :( I know it. It just sucks. I'm starting to get discouraged again, I think I will give up "trying" again for now. I'll let you know the results. Geesh, it was not this hard with my DD...I guess the less you think about it, the better your chances.



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