Yay I Am Finally Pregnant Same Cycle As Hsg Test

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**shazzy** - April 18

hi all just thought that i would write on here to thank you all for your support while i was ttc i am now 6 weeks pregnant after having a hsg test on day 10 of this cycle so everyone out there wandering about the hsg test i found that it didnt really hurt that bad as long as i kept my mind on conceiving and i truly believe that it has helped me to fall pregnant after ttc for 2 and 1/2 years. thanx again to everyone out there that supported me with my endless questions and what ifs and i wish you all the best. my symptoms at present are sore br___ts, nausea, bad temper, cramping, heart burn, tiredness and cravings for raw meat. once again thank you all i am now a believer of the hsg


Marie - April 18

Sorry, but what is a hsg test?


dm - April 18

hi shazzy. i'm scheduled for a hsg test in may. i'm hoping it will help flush out any kind of blockage and hopefully after i will get pregnant. congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy.


krisy - April 18

what is an hsg test? what do they do ? what is it like ?


Mary - April 18

A hsg is a test to see if you r tubes are blocked they insert dye into your tubes and they can see if they are or not.


Celia - April 18

Shazzy!! When you had the HSG did they determine if you had any blockage?? I am going to have my HSG on Thurs 4/21 Been TTC for 3 years.


**shazzy** - April 19

CELIA no they found no blockages that they told me about. Although before i had mine i looked it up on the internet to find out what it involved and seen a few pics of what a normal dye test looks like to me when i seen mine on the screen it looked as if one was blocked. so i dont know. Goodluck with yours and all the best


Celia - April 19

**Shazzy** Thank you soo much for your advise. I am really nervous about this test. Good luck with your little one.


monique - April 28

i go for an hsg test today i am scared. i went to the doctors yesterday for a ultra sound and my doctor told me that they seen something and that i should be ovulating any day and to have s_x ever 36 hours. i was wondering if by me having this hsg test done will it get in the way of me ovulating. i know this might be a dumb ? but i was just wondering


Babs - May 2

I had an HSG on April 19th and as of today...May 2nd...I am pregnant!!!!! The HSG worked! ttc for over 1 year prior. It's very early but I'm already very tired and hungry. Good luck to all of you!


Erin - May 2

If an HSG tests to see if there's any blockage, how does that help you get pregnant so quickly afterwards? Does it clear any blockages?


Celia - May 2

Babs what cycle day did you have your HSG on? When were you due for AF?? I had my HSG on the 21st of April should have ovulated yesterday. Keeping fingers crossed.


manko - May 15

hey everyone, i just wanted to write to let ya'll know that i just had the hsg test done on friday and it did not hurt at all. in fact, i did not feel a thing. i did make sure to take motrin before i went. i have a 2.5 yr old son who i easily got pregant with, but for some reason i am having trouble with number 2! i have been trying for over a year and hopefully it will happen soon. the test showed everything looks good, and my hubby was tested and all looks good there too, so i guess it's just a matter of time. but for all of you out there worried about the test, for me it was painless during and after! good luck to everyone out there!!!


Cami in Louisiana - June 22

Just wanted to tell everyone that I am too 6 1/2 weeks pregnant the cycle after the HSG test. I had the HSG test 4/27 and concieved around May 28th. I took one cycle of Clomid because my progesterone was low and we have one baby-not two thank goodness. It has been a rocky week because my HCG level was low so we were praying for my levels to double every 48 hours-so far so good and my doctor put me on Progesterone pills. We go for a v____al ultrasound tom to make sure the baby is developing normally. I lost one 2 yrs ago so we are taking every precaution. Good luck to everyone and don't give up- baby dust to all- my prayers are with you!


marie1 - June 24

shazzy what day did you have intercourse after hsg? I, too had my hsg on day 10 of my cycle and had intercourse one day later. Just wondering?


Somar1 - December 26

Hi all, I have been ttc for a little over a year now. I just recently had a hsg this past Friday, December 23. Does anyone know when I can have intercourse after the hsg test? 


Preshellf - March 7

Hi I'm Preshell an i got my HSG done 3/7/2017  So how long do I wait to have intercourse? An do you get pregnant after the procedure? Please help me...&& My cycle is suppose to start tomorrow so any ideas lady's?



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