A Baby Boy

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dream girl - March 28

we have a daughter already and we want a son how can we have a boy?


jena - March 28

luck. haha - they say there are certain positions for trying to conceive different s_xes, but I don't buy that. I think it all comes down to nature and the sperm that finds the egg first....


~~!~~ - March 28

keep dreaming dream girl!


kat - March 28

jena is right,good luck though!


lily - March 28

for the person that didnt post your name i wonder why? dont be so hatred! if you dont have anything good to say why bother lol haaha


eva - March 28

wich you the best luck b__wing you baby boy dust


layla - March 28

This is what I've read: Male sperm get there faster but don't last as long and female sperm get there later and last longer. So, in leu of that if you bd on the day of ovulation you have a better chance of a boy rather than bd 2 days prior. Read this in med journal.


Mary - March 28

Try this site - it is a calendar you can modify for better chances of conceiving a boy or girl. it is based on the principle that boy spern is faster but does not live as long as female sperm - Good Luck! (no dashes) http://dev.cogenttechnology.com/epl/csovucalcresult.html


jena - March 28

layla - i've read that too.


L - March 29

There is website called www.yourdays.com and its an ovulation predictor and they can calculate certain days in your cycle when to concieve a boy or girl. Its something to do with the strength of the sperm and the x or y chromosome they are carrying. Check it out!


Daisy Jean - March 29

I have also heard the same information about timing that Layla said. It is still an odds game. Good luck!


tina - March 29

good luck with that one. i have tried every position, every tale that ive heard about. and guess what, i have 3 girls. i am pregnant now and will find out in a couple of weeks the s_x of this baby. i havent gotten my hopes up thats for sure. but good luck with that baby boy. think blue!!!


dream girl - March 29

thanks whats is the chances in the wives tales



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