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TIny oNe - September 24

HEY..i have a couple of questions. i was wondering ..(OVULATION) DO u get pregnant befor or DURING ovulation? also i went to the ovulation calender last month and it said i would be ovulatin on specific days. so i had s_x without protection becuase im ttc but then i got my period the same day i was suposed to get it. and it end'd the same day its suposed to end..i would say it was kinda diffrent though..but i feel like i AM pregnant..what do you guys think went wrong? if any of you answer thank you


Baby Sox - September 24

Tiny, I don't think you are pregnant. You probably didn't do anything wrong. I think checking your cervical mucus might help you know when to have s_x. You can only get pregnant after you ovulate (12 hours or so) but you need to have the sperm in there waiting for the egg's release- so you need to have s_x on the days leading up to your ovulation day. Hope that helps! Remember, even if you do everything right, you only have a 25% chance of conceiving each month. It just takes awhile!!!! Good luck!


gina - September 25

You can only get pregnant DURING ovulation. Sperm can live up to 5 days, so the few days leading up to and the day of O are you only chances each month. Once ovulation has occured then you just have to wait and see if you made it or not. Most women O one day out of each month, although there is the rare exception of women who O twice during a cycle. The best way to know exactly what day you are to O is to learn more about your own body, learn to watch for signs like cervical position, cm, Ovulatory pains, Of course these Ovulatory cramps can be any where from a week or so before you O, not really on the day of, checking your bbt is good to let you know AFTER you O, but you will see after a few cycles just exactly what your body does, and you won't always O on the same cycle day. Women who learn these things have a higher chance of conceiving (more than 25%) because they can learn to time intercourse better instead of just a__suming they O on the same day each month. try reading taking charge of your fertility, it is a really good book to help you get familiar with your cycles. I would say you probably are not pregnant if your period was fairly normal. good luck in ttc. it's a long journey for most and can be frustrating but worth it in the end! Also I wouldn't always count the day the ovulations calendars pinpoint to be exact. I have been charting close to 8 months now and they never hit the day exactly for me! fertilityfriend.com is great though. It get's closer than any i've tried.



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