A Crazy Woman S Testing Question

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Tulip - June 23

How early can you test and get a +? Do you have to wait until AF is due or late? I am a few days earlier than that- any chance it would show '+' if I am and test tomorrow (day 26 for me)- I'm going to lose my mind!!!! What do you think? Who has gotten an early + ? Tell me about it, please!!!


Angie - June 24

Tulip it is possible to get a + up to four days before AF is due with a early response hpt, but do not get discouraged if you do get a BFN. HCG levels will start after implantation which could be up to 7 dpo. So if you o on day 14 of your cycle and implantation is on cd 21 your hcg would be 1. On day 23 it would be 2 and day 25-4 doubling every 48 hours. So it is very possible to get a BFN and still be pregnant. Its all in the timing sweetie. I ovulate early so I did get my BFP 3 days before AF with my two children. Just make sure that you get the most sensitive tests. I have very good luck with the dollar tree tests. Only a dollar and work great with a sensitivity of 25 mlu. Hope this answers your question.. baby dust to you sweetie.


Tulip - June 24

Thanks, Angie, for your very kind advice. I will just try to hold off and see about AF. Implantation is usually around 7 days after O, is that how it works?


Colleen - June 24

Tulip~ I tested this morning (four days early) and got a very, very, very light BFP!!!! I can relate, I have been losing my mind waiting. I hope it was not my eyes playing tricks. I used a First Response. If you get a negative, don't let it discourage you. Good luck!


Tulip - June 24

Thanks, Colleen! Congrats to you!!! I hope it only gets darker!!! I am going to try to wait. I am not in my normal PMS mode- I feel a little different. I don't even feel a little b___hy- usually I have sore b___bs and b___hiness this close to AF. Thanks for the encouragement!


kari - June 24

I also had the faint positive line with first response....actually two of those....one was a pin stripe and the other a thicker line...but very very faint. It is still there today, I looked again :0 LOL I will test in the morning one more time and see if it will increase....but to answer your question, my first faint positive was with first response 5 days before...the thicker one was 4 days before....


Tulip - June 24

Thanks, Kari. I might just try it tomorrow!


Kel - June 24

HA!!! I love the t_tle of this thread!!!!!! Don't worry Tulip, we are all crazy here!! ;o)


Tulip - June 24

Thanks, Kel! I appreciate the support!



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