A F Due On The 30th Anyone Want To Wait

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Dawn - May 21

2nd month ttc my dh and I did the bd at all the right times so here's to a really good father's day!!


maybe so - May 21

well i am waiting for the 2nd...i think that i might have ovulated later than i calculated, but did bd the first day of my fertile zone, so i am hoping for a BFP...doesnt sound as promising for me as it does for you, but i am definatly willing to wait with you good luck and baby dust!


C.J. - May 21

Hi, I am new here I am also waiting for the 30th, I am only trying 1month but I am hoping!!! I feel "Funny", some weird feelings in my abdomen, mood swings, brownish discharge 4 and 5 days after ovulation....I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us.


hey - May 22

i am waiting for the 29th....not sure though.....good luck an baby dust to all!!!


hi dawn - May 23

i posted before...(maybe so) just wondering how you are doing, and if you are having any early signs or not. keep us posted good luck to us all!


Jae - May 23

hi ladies, mind if i wait with you? im eagerly awaiting the 30th.... fingers crossed to us all.... no signs yet.... keep in touch


CJ - May 23

Hi all I have been bleeding on and off since Saturday but it seems as if it is early af, not ib....I am still not having any pms symptoms no cramping, but i am nauseous, not hungry, getting headaches and really tired, I hope it is heavy ib!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for all!!!


May - May 23

Hey, me too, but I don't have any symptoms at all (10 dpo). Anyone else feel like that? Anyone already tested at 10 dpo? Sucks waiting, lol.


Dawn - May 23

Hi girls! I haven't really been feeling any "signs" other than really tired. but last month I thought I was and it was just a/f, so maybe it's a good thing. My boos never hurt before a/f so I'm not sure if that will be a sign of pregnancy for me. Last month I tested way too early and it just bummed me out, so I'm going to try and wait until the 30th. Good luck to everyone!!


Beth - May 23

Hi, my AF is due around the 31st. I'd like to join in on the waiting game. Last month, I thought for sure I was, but I just had a TR on the 16th so this would be my 2nd TTC. Hopefully all goes well. Best of luck to you all :) I have no symptoms af of yet, but last cycle my bbs, hurt for a long time even after my AF....we'll see.


Dawn - May 24

Hi Girls just checking in with you! I've had a little "twinge" of something going on and wetness down there. Other than that, no real signs. How's everyone else feeling these days?


amy - May 24

hello i to should get mine on the 30 th but i also had a m\c so i don't know but i sure will be happy to wait with you guys


Beth - May 24

Hi Dawn, I too am having more "wetness" than normal, but I keep checking to see if there is a real pattern here. I don't want to get all caught up in this again, because it can be such a downer when you're not pg. ***Baby Dust**** :)


maybe so - May 24

hi dawn! hi girls...i am not due until the 2nd, as i said before, but broke down anyways and took a test...a week and a half early...BFN...figures, i think i jumped the gun some though if you know what i mean. dawn, just like you, having weird feelings in lower area of the uterus, and feeling tired, and a lot of extra wetness...today i had some on my underwear (sorry if TMI LOL...all modesty seems to fade away when TTC, LOL) which isnt too normal for me, and cervix is lowering...but still somewhat high and closed! looking forward to getting that BFP...but will definatly wait until i miss af or am more than a few days late...no more BFN's for me LOL...yeah right! i wish it was as easy as that! talk to you all soon! and i have my fingers tightly crossed for each and everyone of us! LOTS AND LOTS OF BABY DUST!!!


bump - May 25

just bumpin it up!


Nena - May 25

I am 5 yrs TTC, 11th May I have done HSG, 19th May we started having s_x every day. Now my period would come at 29-30th May. In the same time I am taking pills (cycloprogynova) to regulate my mense. Immediately after having s_x after HSG I felt cramps in my lower abdominal part as well as some pinches in the right side (I guess ovaries). My question is: Can you become pregnant if being on pill to regulate menses? My af is due 30th May. *~*~*~*~*


Jen - May 25

hey everyone! My af is due 29th. this is only 2nd month of trying, but i've got my fingers crossed. i'd love to wait with you all! good luck to everyone!



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