A Gift For My Newly Pregnant Girlfriend

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worried - April 12

Any ideas on a gift that I can give my newly pregnant girlfriend to tell her how happy and thankful(not to mention sorry for accusing her of lying to me) I am that she is willing to have our child?


Alison - April 12

How about one of those nice baby books where you record events/special moments from early pregnancy right through to first steps, first words etc? you get some lovely ones. Here is a nice example: (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000648BX/104-2720548-1771162?v=glance) I'm sure whatever you'll choose she'll appreciate your appology and love and support for her and I wish you both a very healthy and happy pregnancy and a happy life as a family together x


worried - April 12

Thank you Alison for your advice. I do believe that is a lovely gift that she will really enjoy.


Alison - April 12

You're welcome-though I'm so embarra__sed the one I put the link in for seems to be out of stock! But there are heaps more! Take care x


Helpful - April 12

A day at the spa. A nice facial or back ma__sage followed by a romantic dinner.I got pregnant the first time I had s_x with my new boyfriend.We have been married now for 9 years and have two beautiful girls. Sometimes it's fate.A word of caution, Pregnancy can be a very difficult time for a woman.A lot of hormones cause us to do or say things we don't mean.Be understanding and patient. Good luck to you!


dont worry - April 12

i also got pregnant soon after meeting my husband...its funny how things work out...we always joke about how he first got to know the "pregnant me" and must have been nervous about our life together!


To worried - April 12

A Ba__sinet!!!!!! Fill it up with a baby book, baby clothes, and a Victoria's Secret bath set. She will love you forever. Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!!!!!!


stacey - April 12

just want to say that it's so thoughtful of you to search around and get her something! Wish my hubby would have been as sweet (even after I hinted at it :)


freddle - May 24

A wedding ring whatever the price is.

It's the attitude really matters.

A ring and bear toy gift for your girlfriend is recommended from toy's will.



Beelost - May 24

I also got pregnant after two weeks of dating. His present was a wedding ring.



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