A Heavy Feeling

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Rhonda - June 24

I know that every pregnancy is different,and i dont think i ever had this,well i just found out on the 20th that im pregnant,i guess around 4wks or so,anyway tonight i have been feeling heavy in my lower abdomen,not cramping just a heavy feeling,like in my uterus,is this normal or should i be alarmed?please give info if possible.


LN030905 - June 24

im not sure..never been preg, but i think thats normal!! Dont worry!!!


Rhonda - June 24

Im trying not to worry.


meadow - June 24

hey rhonda, from what I've read on other forums, that's pretty normal to be having a heavy feeling. I've seen it posted as a symptom a million times from those who are newly pregnant. I hope it's a sign for me too cause I have been having that feeling too! don't worry girl! ; )


sarahd - June 24

I've been getting that feeling too meadow - let's hope it's a good thing for us! Rhonda , from what I've read,I wouldn't worry too much - if you're not actually cramping or bleeding you should be fine. But always feel free to share any and all worries! We're here for you!! Keep us updated and congrats!


VenusdiMilo - June 24

Hi Rhonda, I have never been pg before but I would think that's just your uterus stretching and that’s normal...don't worry too much. Good luck with you pregnancy!!


Rhonda - June 25

Thank you girls so much.I have been pregnant four other times(not counting 3m/c)but i just dont ever remember having that heavy feeling.but you have eased my worries.and again thank you.


Emma2 - June 25

At 4 weeks your uterus doesnt stretch. The embryo is the size of a grain of rice or smaller. It is normal to feel that though it feels like AF heaviness. Like, a pressure down under. Very normal don't be alarmed!


Rhonda - June 25

Emma2,thank you.i feel much better after you all answered.


JessicaC - June 26

Yep, I have that too. Actually, this is the first time I can remember feeling this way. At first I thought it was cramps, but it is very different from cramps, and like you said rhonda, it's a heavy feeling. Well, hopefully this isn't just a new pms symptom for me, haha. How are you feeling otherwise rhonda? Good I hope :)


Rhonda - June 26

JessicaC,Thank you for your reply.Im not sure what the heavy feeling is from.I feel pretty good except i feel so nauseated so much.And feel tired all the time.And ga__sy(way to much)well thanks again



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