A Little Bit Confused

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sadgurl - May 4

alright.... i have had s_x for two in a half weeks with and without protected s_x with my boyfreind. he had ejaculated in me and i really wasnt thinking anything about me being pregnant until i missed my period. I usualy get it on the 18 but i got it on the 27th... but what is confusing about it is that my menstral cycle lasts for full 7 days and i have heavy bleeding on the frist 3 days..... and as the days go by my bleeding lessens.... well this time i had my " period"( i was stil having unportected s_x) it wasnt even like i had it. i bled for about an hr normaly and then it would stop. then when i went pee i would whipe myself and see no blood... the next time i would come i would insert a tampon, pull it out and see no blood.... it was a contunious me bleeding normaly, a little, and none at all as the hrs. went on.... well my " period" lasted for 3 days. it was some what of " spotting" can you help me? im a little bit confused. yes i do need to go to the drs. but i jus would like to make sure about this frist before i bring it up with my dr. thank you all for you understanding.... help me out PLEASE!


e - May 4

have you taken an hpt?


sadgurl - May 5

yes i did... i took two the day i started( on the 27th..)... i took two of them.... two of the ditial read out..... for some reason the read out wasnt coming threw, i had called the number to see what was going on cuz i was doing everything i was supose to and they said that its because i bought one that shouldnt of been sold.. point is, is that no mater how many timies you use that same holder it would never come out with the answer " pregnant" " not pregnant" but when i ejected it... the bars, on the frist one had two on the holder, and then on the second one had only one.. but then that same day i had gotten my period or n my case thise type of bleeding that has hapend for me. i havent tooken one since, i am waiting to see if i have any symtoms will ocure. i am always feeling sick to my stomcah, my lower back actualy my hole back hurts, tiredness, those are soemthing that i feel all the time, soo i dont want to mistacken it for signs of pregnancy soo im waitng for a sign that comes threw to where i know tha something is wrong(besides my periods). do you feel that i could be pregnant by my story about the bleeding that has happend?


me - May 5

well im thinkin about going to the clinic now. i dont kno what is wrong with me n my periods so i want to see... not only about the pregnancy but just to make sur everything salright with me. im going to make the apoinment next week.... soo all wish me good luck! also tell me what your opinion is on my story..... thankx



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