A Little Bit Stressed Out Kinda Worried

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MrsShelton217 - February 21

Okay... so I got my BFP at 10dpo (on the 20th)... went to dr.. and got a positive blood test there also. Okay... well.. I took another FRER this morning... again, positive (2 bright pink lines... even more so than the day before)... Okay well my husband and I decided that we would wrap up a positive pregnancy test in order to share the news w/ each of our parents. Instead of spending more money on expensive tests, I went to the dollar tree (which I had heard that those tests were fairly sensitive)...anyway... It was negative.... What do u think?


crackersforme - February 21

I'm interested to hear what everybody has to say about this also.....I'm 20 days late (on cd48) & just tested this morning with a dollar store test....bfn. Have all the signs...never been late....but still testing negative. (I've tested maybe 5 times since af was due). Last week I tested with a Clearblue digital, but didn't realize that it tested 100ml...oh well, so I went back to the Dollar store tests. I still have one more of them, though. Maybe I should go out & buy a FRER. hmmm...how much do they run?


crackersforme - February 21

just thinking here......maybe try another one? (did you buy more than one?). Also...did you get a urine test at the doctors along with the blood test. I always thought that those urine tests at the doctors weren't that sensitive...so if you tested positive on one of them, then you should have tested positive on the dollar store test.


timbits - February 21

Really, MrsShelton? You got a bfn on a dollar tree test after getting a bfp on a more expensive test? That makes me think now because I am on the same cycle as you and I got a bfn on a dollar tree test this morning (feb.21). I think I will try a different test if AF doesn't show up.


LN030905 - February 21

hmm..i dont know! have heard conflicting reports of the dollar tree tests..majority are good, though. Anytihng is possible. I bet though that the test you used this afternoon jsut didnt pick it up! Perhaps try another one w/ first morning urine!! Congratulations!!!


crackersforme - February 22



DownbutnotOUT - February 22

I think dollar tree tests are extremly accurate maybe you didnt wait long enough. Sometimes it takes some time to show up on the dollar tree tests but it should within the 10 minutes, alot of women just wait a minute or so than throw away the test they actually dont wait 5 minutes or more, they should.


tryin44 - February 22

I used a dollar tree test. I was one day late. It showed a light line. My sister used a few and she was a few days late and it said neg. She went and bought a better brand and it was a dark BFP. I always had good luck with the dollar tree but now I am wondering if something with them has changed.


MrsShelton217 - February 22

Okay... I went back and checked the test after about 7 or 8 minutes... once it started "drying" so to speak you could sorta see the second line... I did another one today (not first morning urine... b/c i accidently left the test in my car..and had to pee SOOOOO bad that I barely made it to the bathroom this morning... again... it was positive... barely... but deffinatly there. I am going to do another one in the morning. Will let you know. (OH.. just for fun.. I used an OPK test also... BFP! :) SO I guess its true about they will show positive when ur pregnant) Good luck to all... imma go pee on some more sticks! :) I have become obsessed! I cant wait for my u/s next wednesday... I just wanna see something on the screen...


MrsShelton217 - February 22

OH... also about the dollar tree test... I noticed when I bought about 15 or 30 (lol) of them last month... some of the tests were different.... some were really tiny... and some were a little bit bigger... (more like what they use in the dr office) I wonder if one of them is more sensitive...)



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