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kasha - December 4

i have been reading the posts on this site to see if i could be pregnant or not. unfortunately i am feeling more confused than comforted, because it seems everyone has such different experiences and symptoms. i will tell you mine and maybe someone could enlighten me with an opinion or two. i was taking the pill until oct. i missed a few in that pack and at the end of the month completely discontinued it. i was s_xually active with my fiancee several time the first few weeks of nov. i have not had a period since i discontinued the pill. i have had gas, heartburn, stomache cramps and backaches, and a different appet_te. i have also noticed bumps on and around my nipples. i should have started my period the 2nd of dec, but i didn't. i took a hpt which was neg. i also took a blood test and it was neg. there was a clear line in the testing areas of both, but not a pink line like it should show. i know hcg develops after implantation but i was wondering about how fast and when it is detected. i understand it is different for everyone. okay, that is about it. do you think i could be, or is my body out of wack because of the hormonal changes from the pill. oh, i have also had a really drippy nose and crazy dreams. thats it. sorry this is so long and scattered. any advice would be appreciated. thank you for your time


kasha - December 5

sorry, i wasn't supposed to start on the 2nd, i was supposed to start on the 30th of nov. not that 2 days makes that much difference


kate - December 5

Kasha, I feel the same as you in the sense that I was given this website from one of my friends to try and get some answers but instead I am just more confused. Everytime I post something new I leave out some symptoms. I have been very tired, emotional, ga__sy, heartburn, lower back pain, headaches, my taste and sense of smell have changed, a clear discharge, mild cramps, tightness, s_x feels different, and there are bumps on my nipples too, but they are not sore or bigger, If I wake up for work like between 4:00-6:00 in the morning I feel very sick till about 12:00-1:00 in the afternoon. The start date of my last period was October 9. The cramps I have started around Nov. 7. I still have not started my period. I took one HPT (which was negative) and on Nov. 30 I went to the doctor and got a serum blood test, which was also negative! They told me that those test are more accurate than HPT, but that if I had not started within the next week to come back and get another test done! I was so upset so I accepted the results and made a doctors appointment I go the 13 of Dec. I still have not started. I have never been on the pill b/c I was always regular and was a virgin till I was married. I have no clue what is going on. Good luck and keep me posted. If you would happen to run acrossed anything you think might be helpful you can e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks and good luck! Kate


kasha - December 5

thanks for you response kate. let me know what happens, and i will keep you updated too.


Grandpa Viv - December 5

Most people would say that coming off the pill you can't really tell anything for sure.The crazy dreams and runny nose did it for me! Take another hpt next weekend and a second one the weekend after that if necessary. Good luck!


kasha - December 5

thanks grandpa viv. i appreciate the advice. i will keep you updated



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