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waiting for #2 - February 28

Hi there ladies! I've been reading through your posts for a little while now and was hoping that maybe you could give me some advice. I have a 5 month old daughter who was a fantastic little surprise to me and my hubby as i was told it was highly unlikely for me to conceive naturally due to an ageing uterus,fibroids and other complications. Anyway we have decided that we would like to try for #2 as it is more than HIGHLY unlikely that i will be able to conceive when im older as i have the uterus of a 40 odd year old already. Well i have had 3 periods since having dd and from the end of one until the beginning of the other the time frame is 5 weeks and 3 days exactly. This is not an average 28 day cycle. i had af 11/01 and it lasted until 15/01 then i got her back 22/02 until 26/02 could someone please tell me when i'm likely to be ovulating and when the best time to be making my hubby a happy man would be? :o) Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! GOOD LUCK and *~*~*BABYDUST*~*~* to everyone xx


waiting for #2 - February 28

Please?! :o)


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 28

my suggestion to you since your AF are not com pletely reg. to chart go to fertilityfriend.com and start charting your BBT will tell you when you ovulate a lot more accurate than any of us


waiting for #2 - February 28

They are regular, 5 weeks and 3 days has been the time between each. I'll check out that website thank you very much! Sorry if i sound really stupid here but what does BBT stand for? Thanks again


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

Im not sure exactly what BBT stands for but it has something to do with your temperature. What you can do is every morning at the same time take your temperature it has to be though before you get out of bed, pee, or do anything! You can than use fertilityfriend(dot)com to enter your temperature and other things such as CM (cervical muscous). Good luck to you and DH on ttc #2


2ndtimeround - March 1

=) Basal Body Temperature/Thermometer (the temperature of your body at rest, so thats why they say take your temp same time every morning after a good solid 3-4 hour sleep) It's recommended that you use a specific BBT thermometer, because it's more accurate. You can look at early-pregnancy-tests.com/bbt-thermometers.html (the dashes between early-pregnancy-tests & bbt-thermometers must be there, get rid of any others, and add the w w w) Hope that helps some.. =)



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